Terry Butcher dresses like a hobo and drinks shitty filter coffee, according to Aussie pundit Les Murray


5th, October 2007

In which outspoken Aussie sports pundit Les Murray steams into Terry Butcher, former coach of Sydney FC. Things didn’t work out for Butcher Down Under and when he returned to the UK he had a pop at Sydney FC, calling them a ‘gypsy club’ and bemoaning the fact he couldn’t get a simple cup of filter coffee:
‘What did I miss? Coffee. Half-caff, flat whites and all that stuff are no problem but when I asked for a normal filter coffee with a side of milk in a decent sized cup, they looked at me like I was an alien. I would have killed for an instant. And decent newspapers. I wrote a column for the Sydney Morning Herald and they still slaughtered me.’

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