HolloWatch: Joey Barton’s got ‘a real nice tight one’


6th, October 2006

The BBC caught up with Ian Holloway to ask him his opinion on a range of hot football topics. You can read the story here. We’ve cherry-picked a few of the choicest quotes for you to peruse over your lunchtime sandwich:

On Joey Barton:
‘If anybody’s offended by seeing a backside, get real. Maybe they’re just jealous that he’s got a real nice
tight one, with no cellulite or anything. I thought his bum cheeks
looked very pert.’
On Stuart Pearce’s cuddly toy horse: ‘I think he’s an absolutely fantastic bloke, top geezer,
and if he wants to carry a little horse on the side of the pitch, I
don’t care!’
On Michael Ballack moaning about London house prices: ‘I think I could manage to buy a house on £130,000 a week
and a damn sight more besides. With a month’s wage packet you could
probably buy a whole street down here in Plymouth.’

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