Andy Gray: ‘You’ve got great f****** tits. But not as great as mine.’

Ollie Irish

4th, June 2007

AndyGray.JPGWe are used to tabloid tales of football players getting up to no good on their summer holidays, but it seems the rule also applies to former players-turned-pundits. It seems when Andy Gray is not getting all over-excited about yet another hyped-up Sunday afternoon 0-0, he loves nothing better than to get drunkenly over-excited about women on his holidays.
The Sun reports Gray was ‘leering’ over women while on holiday in footy-tastic Spanish resort La Manga with little success. And there is a good reason for that if they have quoted his chat-up lines correctly. He is quoted as uttering the immortal line: “You’ve got great f****** tits. But not as great as mine.” Click here to read more.

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