The BBC detective drama based on West Bromwich Albion!

Ollie Irish

6th, August 2007

newtricks.jpgA drama writer managed to create a cast littered with West Brom-related character names without anyone noticing – and kept it up for four series. Roy Mitchell, creator of the BBC’s detective drama New Tricks, began his homage to the Baggies by naming the three central characters Jack Halford, Brian Lane and Gerry Standing after Albion’s Halford Lane Stand.
And extras and minor parts in the show have some conspicuous surnames with the benefit of hindsight. Imogen Hoult (Russell), Colin Dobie (Scott) and Eleanor Clement (Neil) all appeared in the show, but incorporating police officer Ed Koumas proved too much of a giveaway. Of his main characters, Mitchell said: “I told them Halford was just a good English name, Standing was for the character’s nickname, Upstanding, and Lane was as in Memory Lane. Of course that was all rubbish – it was just for the Albion connections.” [Via This Is London]

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