Shite Air Shot & Panenka Botch – Big Bad Double Scoop Of FAIL! From Udinese vs Braga (Videos)

Chris Wright

29th, August 2012


By Chris Wright

Anyone who sat through Braga’s penalty win over Udinese in the second leg of their Champions League play-off last night will no doubt already be aware just what an inept performance the Italian side put in – a performance perfectly encapsulated by these two fantastic moments of highly-refined FAIL.

First up we have Pablo Armero who, after being sent clean through on goal, suddenly came over all ‘newborn foal taking its first steps out onto an icy lake’ and, instead of belting a shot past the ‘keeper, pulled off this instead…

That inopportune turf excavation again…

Next up we have a chap named Maicosuel, a daring young winger who was introduced as ‘The Magician’ when coming on for the last ten minutes of normal time. After not touching the ball meaningfully once in 40 minutes and spending most of the time sulking and whining on the dog shelf, the Brazilian (a new signing from Botafogo) stepped up to take Udinese’s third penalty and promptly proved himself a massive berk…

Seeing as though this match was effectively an audition as to which side deserved a place in the highest, elite level of club football, it’s only fitting that Braga won all things considered.

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  1. NathanM says:

    Notice that he looks back towards the referee, too, as if to want a penalty. The cheek of it.

  2. Nuno says:

    After seeing “Maicosuel” I thought it should be some sort of brazilian phonetic adaptation of an english/american name (Michael something), but I wasn’t expecting what wikipedia told me:

    His name represents an unusual phonetic spelling of “Maxwell”.

    Really? Almost as good as that penalty. Brazilians have some great imagination when it comes to names…

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