Snapshot: Did Villas-Boas Leave His Napoli Team Sheet In Chelsea Hotel?

Chris Wright

21st, February 2012


By Chris Wright

This has just hit Twitter, a photo of what is supposed to be Andres Villas-Boas’ tactics/teamsheet for Chelsea’s Champions League tie against Napoli in six hours time that was apparently found by an Italian journalist having been left in Chelsea’s team hotel, The Vesuvio, this afternoon…

First things first, that’s lovely quality paper. Real classy.

Secondly, we’ve no idea if it’s legit or not (seems overly careless on AVB’s part if so), but it looks as though Terry’s back at the back and Essien ushered back into the middle, with Drogba left out to make way for Daniel Sturridge to play in his favoured No. 9 position with Mata and Ramires outside him.

Guess we’ll find out in six hours’ time. Unless it’s all a cunning bluff, of course!


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  1. Mr. Chopper says:

    Ash? JT? Lamps? STUDGE?!

    If this is anywhere near real I’ll eat my own dick.

  2. Russ says:

    clearly a genious ruse by AVB to out-fox the opposition

  3. Guy says:

    @Mr. Chopper, better have that soaking sauce of spices on stove set to simmer for when you have to suck on your served seared shnob…

  4. gamblino says:

    I’d say it’s the nicknames that make it more believable.

  5. Luke says:

    I’d say your dong is safe Mr.Chopper as half these players aren’t even playing

  6. Mr. Chopper says:


  7. 2-4-6-8-Motorway says:

    Even if he didn’t forget it he’s still a clueless tit

  8. asdf says:

    only englishmen would give them such nicknames

  9. Mr. T says:

    Hmmm. Does this mean he changes his mind in the intervening six hours? Dint see Chelsea line up even remotely like this. Or perhaps a dressing room mutiny that prompted dropping Cole, Essien and Lampard on the bench? Did anyone else notice Ashley Coles treatment of AVB when he was being subbed on?

  10. dave says:

    @Mr T, yes I noticed that.. talking to him over his shoulder, quite dismissive. a little Tevez-esque.
    Also, I don’t know who wrote this line up (it wasn’t AVB), but can someone sign him up please? Playing Essien & Lampard sounds a great deal more intelligent that playing a TERRIBLE Raul Meireles, a mis-firing, limp-wristed Drogba, and starting Jose ‘The Brow’ Bosingwa. As a life long Chelsea fan, last night pained me. Even when Mata nicked a cheeky one I didn’t have any confidence, because the side doesn’t have any confidence. Haven’t for a while now. And what a manager SHOULD do, in my humble opinion, is change things. ‘STUDGE’ up top, give malouda/ramires and mata some wing play. For heaven’s sake please play Oriel Romeu/Lampard/Essien over Raul Meireles any day of the week.

    I might go and support Borussia Monchengladbach. They look like a real side.

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