Chelsea Unveil New Adidas Home Kit For 2012/13 – Marked Improvement On Current Strip (Photos)

Chris Wright

12th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Presenting: the new Adidas strip that Chelsea will be sporting at The Bridge as of next season – a very slick blue and gold affair…

We like. We like a lot – though perhaps the gold seems a little presumptuous and over-stated given Chelsea’s piff paff season.

Much better than the current Chelsea home kit, which looks like one of those cheap knock-offs you get down the market with it’s hideous, tatty-looking white shoulder panels and collar.

What do you reckon folks and folkettes? Does the 2012/13 kit get the seal of approval?

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  1. Steve K says:

    Yep, much prefer that to the current one. Although it’s just an adidas version of our 2005/06 kit.
    If they’re going to bring out a brand new home kit every year, surely they’re going to run out of variations for a plain blue shirt. Unless they make it unnecessarily fussy one year, then “go back to basics” the year after, ad infinitum…

  2. Nabillion says:

    turn the blue into white , and u have Real Madrid’s! lmao
    Good kit, i like this simple design over the shit they wear this year

  3. Al says:

    looks tight, won’t help hide “fat” Franks midriff

  4. Mr Sensible says:

    The cut of some Adidas kits are horrible, very similar to the current Liverpool kit which is also horrendous.

  5. Dragan says:


  6. Mr. Sparkle says:

    It’s hard to screw up a blue shirt, but Adidas managed it this season for Chelsea.

    Anyway, don’t understand the tightness of all new kits. Do they not realise that most people in Britain, Europe and North America are gaining significant weight? Unless this is strictly marketed for Asia.

  7. Jim says:

    Kits are designed for players so wear hence them been slim fitting. If you feel big in one maybe buy a size larger, or pop out for a run.

  8. Mr. Sparkle says:

    I do enough exercise to stay fit, but have you not seen the majority of football fans?

    Besides, why does a shirt have to be slim fitting for a footabller to wear? These guys are all in better physical conditions than the majority of those that hit the gym regularly. It’s not like you can’t pull a tight fitting shirt.

    Of course, their diets tend to suck and I’m pretty sure that I eat better than the majority of football players.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Goalie kit looks disgusting

  10. usrick says:

    Good news: better than current kit.

    Bad news: that’s not saying much.

  11. Professor Erno Breastpinchd says:

    Does Cech really need that scrum cap on for a photo shoot?
    Or do they flog that too?

  12. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Now that I’ve had another look, it seems that Cech has put on a few pounds…

  13. Fat Nakago says:

    @ Prof Emo — Petr Cech is virtually unrecognizable w/o his “hat”.

  14. NLKB says:

    Oh for fuck’s sake. The two most annoying things people say on the Internet about new kits are:

    1. They look too tight

    Idiot. There are the player versions which are tight because they’re Techfit. Then there are the regular versions for normal people. Haven’t you learned that by now? If you bought a kit recently you would know that.

    2. New kits every year

    Yes, new kits are released EVERY year by EVERY club. No one wears kits for two seasons anymore. Your complaining won’t change anything. And no one’s forcing you to buy them!

  15. Charles says:

    Love it!

    Similar to the 05/06 which is one of my favourite non-Everton kits ever.

  16. Del McG says:

    It’s gonna look simply fabulous, dahling, when it’s broadcast is standard def on Channel 5’s Europa League coverage…

  17. digger says:

    Adidas kits suck because they insist on haiving those dreadful 3 stripes on all their shirts. Nothing unique with teams that have Adidas kits. They all are cookie-cutter.

  18. Steve says:

    @ Mr. Sparkle

    Would love to see the data you used to come up with your brilliant comments (i.e. “the majority”).

    Close your mouth when you breathe.

  19. Zirconium says:

    Couldn’t look more standard really…

  20. C says:

    Poor Torres, he looks like a miserable, wet dog.

    To be on topic, the kit looks nice, but the gold? Seems very odd and misplaced.

  21. Venny says:

    not a huge fan of the gold, i would have really like to have seen something similar to the 08/09 kit

  22. Jarren says:

    It’s a fine kit. At least the manufacturers didn’t tinker with it too much like they have with Arsenal (obligatory black armband built in) or Man Utd (scary 1982 disco from hell).

    Or, of course Barcelona’s well documented 1990 Amiga style gradient affair…

    Hey, it’s a bit of gold. It could have been worse, Blues fans. A lot worse.

  23. alejandro22 says:

    the away kit should be yellow and blue………

  24. Ankit Shah says:

    I wud hav prefferd adidas logo as well as samsung 2 turn 2 gold along wid d traditional 3 stripes and chelsea emblem

  25. Lol26 says:

    I quite like new kit
    very basic and simple, very nice
    like gold too
    pretty good kit

  26. Robbie says:

    Will they put one of these under each seat like the plastic flags.
    Fake plastic flags
    Fake plastic team.

  27. navin says:

    how can you say the GK kit is ugly?! classic throwback to the peter bonetti days at chelsea. rude.

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