Champions League Final: Lady Fan Chooses Worst Possible Moment To Pick Her Nose

Chris Wright

19th, May 2012


By Chris Wright

Don’t worry love, only 80 bajillion people just saw you mining for nose gold…

Go on, pick us a winner!

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  1. manutd07 says:

    Not the first time a Bayern fan has been caught picking their nose on tv.

  2. Graham says:

    My 63 year-old father pointed that out as he was passing through the living room. He also appreciates Pies’ catching this as well. Cheers from the armchair mate..

  3. Toz says:

    She was picking goals in her nose, hence why Schweinsteiger couldn’t score that penalty…

  4. Lorenzo says:

    Using her pinkie, so classy.

  5. Humding says:

    @Graham – yeah, I was wondering if Pies would have something on it as well. One of the highlights of the first half, for better or worse..

  6. Jarren says:

    TWICE! The camera was on her when she dived in, and it was bad enough.

    Then she went in AGAIN.

    To be honest, I was expecting her to savour her findings.

    The camera lingered long enough for me to assume the director was awaiting that outcome too.

    Half of me was screaming for the camera to cut off, the other half was waiting for the money shot.

    Definitely the highlight of the first half.

    Well done, missus.

  7. stevepafc says:

    made me laff! loved it when she admiringly looked at what she’d picked before flicking it away, classy

  8. Humding says:

    She certainly picks her moments!

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