Chelsea And ‘Team GB’ Striker Daniel Sturridge Diagnosed With Viral Meningitis

Chris Wright

4th, July 2012


By Chris Wright

After whispers began circulating yesterday, Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo has confirmed that Daniel Sturridge is suffering with viral meningitis but is on the road to recovery.

It is being reported that Sturridge began to show symptoms last week, and was immediately assessed by both Chelsea and the FA’s medical teams before the illness was fully diagnosed.

Sturridge was included in Stuart Pearce’s 18-man ‘Team GB’ Olympic squad earlier in the week but it’s uncertain whether he’ll make it back to fitness by then, though the man himself is hopeful, issuing a short statement to tell the world that he’s now “thankfully feeling a lot better” and is “optimistic about being able to make the Olympics.”

Here’s hoping. Get well soon Danny lad, from all at Pies.

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  1. syndex says:

    Did he catch it from the trophy

  2. Greg Evans says:

    I had viral meningitis a few years. It is without a shadow of a doubt the most pain I have ever been in but I recovered from it fairly quickly. I’m Daniel has the best people treating him so a speedy recovery is not totally unthinkable.

    Get well soon young man.

  3. hug me says:

    I went to the same school as him and we all had meningitis jabs, he must have been away that day.

  4. JoeT says:

    If he is out this is perfect timing for Beckham

  5. DTH says:

    Bloody hell, a little sympathy, folks!!! Meningitis is a very very serious illness, usually one that can be extremely painful even with the very best medical care. Not a time for stupid, cheap, cynical comments!

  6. plops says:

    @DTH Good grief, the pub bore has joined the thread and he’s terribly offended! Keep your hair on mate, they’re only having a little joke – not wishing death upon him. Go and read the Daily Mail or something if you like getting your knickers in a twist over nothing.

  7. Conor says:

    I hope he gets better soon, my sister died of Meningitis years ago, thankfully medical care has evolved since then and its not as fatal anymore.

  8. p says:

    Rough thing to have, hope he gets well soon. The boy always works hard, and he deserves the olympic call up.

    Good luck Daniel

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