Football GIF: Eden Hazard Sent Off For Kicking Swansea Ballboy

Chris Wright

23rd, January 2013


By Chris Wright

Now that’s a first. Eden Hazard has just been sent-off against Swansea for kicking a grounded ballboy…

Terrible really. Hazard comes off as a petulant little buffoon. Imagine the frenzy that would’ve broken out if Luis Suarez has done this. Let’s face it, he’d be extradited within 24 hours.

We reckon Hazard’s staring down the barrell of a considerable ban here, though it’s not like there’s a precedent for this kind of thing!

(Thanks to Pies fan @ypierro12 for the nudge)

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  1. Tom the bees fan says:

    what a twat! deserves a lengthy ban

  2. XYZZZ says:

    Another scumbag in a scummy team shocker

  3. bob says:

    Im sorry, but the ball boy was being annoying on purpose, you could see hazard give the ball boy a second just before he kicked him, just to see if he would get up, but he stay laying on the ball, the kid was asking for it. but im sure hazard will get in trouble for it but so should the ball boy.

  4. Iwastheballboy says:

    Hazard should have went to the ref because the ballboy was being a massive dick; not giving the ball straight away. The ref, if he was decent would have added time to the clock and asked the ballboy to fuck right off the pitch. I’m hoping that said ballboy gets banned for doing that kind of shit. Poor sportsmanship annoys the hell out of me.

  5. impartialObserver says:

    What nonsense, definite shenanigans by the ballboy, acting the maggot. even john salako could see that! although too right about suarez if it’d been him he’d have have been lynched!

  6. JoeT says:

    It looks worse on the gif, the little prick laid on the ball to waste time so Hazard tried to move him which he wouldn’t do so he tried to kick the ball from under him but he clipped his rips and he stats play acting pretending he’s hurt, probably trying to imatate half the other people on football on tv!
    rant over

  7. YNWA #1 says:

    That’s really hard to watch! Think you hit the nail on the head with the Suarez comment. Being a Liverpool fan, I think he is always in the spotlight for things that are not nearly as bad as this and was banned by what he “allegedly” said to Evra. If Hazard doesn’t get at least 8 games for this the FA is out of their mind!

  8. Mindjive says:

    Hi, bob AKA Iwastheballboy AKA JoeT, do you still reckon Rafa isn’t big enough for yous?

  9. Tom the bees fan says:

    the ball boys just that, a BOY. agreed he was being a little git but the ref obviously would of added time for the time wasted. Hazard is professional football player and should know better, he knows the cameras are watching. if hes not a twat then hes an idiot

  10. YNWA #1 says:

    That’s really hard to watch! Think you hit the nail on the head with the Suarez comment. Being a Liverpool fan, I think he is always in the spotlight for things that are not nearly as bad as kicking a little boy, and was banned by what he “allegedly” said to Evra. If Hazard doesn’t get at least 8 games for this the FA is out of their mind!

  11. Nikola says:

    I am no chelsea fan, but he did not kick that boy but the ball … also, apparently that little prick wrote on his twitter before the match:

    Charlie Morgan™ ‏@CHARLIEM0RGAN

    The king of all ball boys is back making his final appearance #needed #for #timewasting

    I do not know if it is really his twitter, anyway it is not his job to waste the time but to throw the ball to the player as quickly as possible, no wonder hazard was nervous

  12. Iván Rocha says:

    Actually, after some minutes of checking the lad’s Twitter acount you just wish Hazard had kicked him harder.

  13. impartialObserver says:

    Tomthebees, you’re right hazard is a professional athlete, which means IF he had actually intentionally kicked the kid, he’d have broken his rib. Fact is he kicked the ball out from under him and the kid rolled around. Terrible behaviour swansea should be the ones in trouble

  14. Tom the bees fan says:

    but why even go near the kid, if he had just left him it WOULD have been Swansea in trouble.

  15. Tom_0307 says:

    Tom the bees fan – he’s not a boy, he’s 17, he knew exactly what he was doing, and while Hazard shouldn’t have done it and unfortunately has to be red carded, he had been trying to get the ball back for a while and it was more of a ‘give me the ball back’ kick. If someone kicked him at college like that would he be rolling around on the floor like he was after the little jab he got from Hazard? No.

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  17. george says:

    there is no excuse for either party. no one except the players and mangers should have an effect on the match be that time or fouls. The fact that this kid thinks himself big enough as a useless ballboy, to put his own input on a historic match for Swansea speaks volumes about his personality.

  18. Gazza says:

    Now even the ball boys are diving! Hopefully the other kids rip into him for being such a girl about a little tap to the side.

    Was a clear red card though.

  19. Tico says:

    That ball boy is a piece of shit…he had it coming…

  20. Bestie says:

    If Cantona got suspended for 9 months for kicking an abusive drunken twat, what should Hazard get for kicking a ball boy?

  21. SS says:

    Hazard shouldn’t have kicked the ball boy, but the ball boy was a real twat. He is a Swansea fan like all ball boys normally are, but was hugging the fucking ball to waste time. We (yes, I’m a Chelea fan) were two down with fifteen minutes to go. The kid was obviously milking it and Hazard kicked the ball that rolled onto the other side. The kid is chosen as a ball boy to give the ball back not hug onto it and waste time. He was holding his ribs like he had been shot. Comparing it to Cantona? Not even close.

  22. Mr Sensible says:

    I’m a United fan and hate Chelsea with a passion, however Hazard did nothing wrong, the ballboy (who is 17) was purposely wasting time (he even said he would on his Twitter page). Hazard tried to grab the ball with his hands but the ballboy wouldn’t give it to him so he kicked the ball from underneath him and picked it up on the other side.

    The only thing people should be pissed off about here is that a 17 year old ballboy (who the fuck ballboys at 17) acted like a little dick.

  23. p says:

    Mr Sensible lives up to the name. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  24. brownie says:

    guy clapping in the back lol

  25. Dont worry says:

    United fan here and honestly I was excited when i saw the headline then i found out the kid was a little punk. Maybe he shouldnt of kicked him but it was a little jab and he deserved it.

  26. jon says:

    ball boy is 17 and hazard is 21. stop pushing the kid vs. adult narrative. kid was wasting time, refs are notorious for not keeping track of all the time wasted. they just throw on a few minutes at the end of games willy nilly. so hazard got frustrated. he was wrong to kick him and deserves punishment, but swansea needs to be punished as well for employing ball boys attempting to sabotage the game.

  27. rajiv says:

    Ball boy is 17 hazard is 21, its MAN vs BOY unless you live in a deluded alternate reality. I hear no charges will be pressed which is fine. But the huge racist hypocrisy of the english media against “foreigners” from certain countries is very evident. Imagine if this had been luis? We would have had the church, the pm, the wonderful english media aka the sanctimonious saints, the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker calling for the poor mans head. I still cannot figure out the nuances of the english mind (being american myself) that while they are so protective of blacks against racism (which is excellent), they are so prejudiced in other ways against people who are not english.

  28. jon says:

    correction. hazard is 22. still. both could be in uni together

  29. Si says:

    Hazard should be banned and rightly so. He is a professional footballer and should act as such, rather than lose his temper and effectively lash out (no matter how hard / soft the kick was).

    It is for the referee to add on time etc. in the event of time wasting, whether by players or staff.

    That said, in response to the Liverpool fans above, Suarez would never do what Hazard did. He would do it properly and stamp on the little prick’s face.

  30. Mr. Chopper says:

    In uni at 17..? Whilst the ball boy acted like a little douche, think of it in terms of what would have happened if they were both players. Timewasting = yellow. Kicking a player whilst down = yellow/red. I would have though the ref would have the common sense to see the kicker was being provoked and only issue a yellow. A massive ban for this would be silly, IMO.

  31. Zam says:

    Regardless of the ballboys actions, Hazard shouldn’t have gotten involved, simple. Not his place. Especially since the ball was going for a Swansea goal kick anyway.

  32. MJ says:

    classy rio: “‎17 year old ball boy…. Is that a wind up!!? Is being a ball boy now a career move??” haha

  33. XYZZZ says:

    Wonder if chavsea scummy fans already started their usual death threat campaign against the ballboy.
    Anders Frisk and Tom Henning Øvrebø could tell something about that

  34. XYZZZ says:

    People seem to miss the point. It’s not really about whether Hazzard pushed him to the ground and kicked him in the ribs. It’s just his arrogance which is typical for those blue assholes. They get used to referee being up their arses all the time. One of them dives – free kick presto! One of them was slightly touched – imaginary card waving routine. All this crap started with Mourinho implying his Porto cheating techniques and it get in their blood. Anybody remembers Joe Cole going spastic when the ref didn’t give him a FECKIN’ THROW-IN???
    I could say that karma’s a bitch, but chelsea will be surely compensated with penalties in their next three games.

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  36. Graham says:

    You don’t need to kick a ball-boy to get the ref’s attention for timewasting. End of.

  37. Stevok says:

    A couple of minutes before that incident, Chelsea won a corner and the ball rolls to that ball-boy. Hazard runs over to get it from him, then the ball boy throws it over his head, in the general direction of another Chelsea player, slowing the whole process down by about 1 second. But it just showed he’d already wound Hazard up by deliberately being a dick.

  38. Christos says:

    Different camera angle makes all the difference (from Reddit)

  39. Alex "Pep" Mourinho says:

    But it’s the Best League in the World!!!

  40. Shakey says:

    Spoilt little fat boy wanted to get his own way like he does with mummy n daddy. Anyone who knows anything bout football would agree that he wasn,t touched. You mugs who feel he was hurt,fuck, want to wake up. He,s taking u all for mugs.

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  42. Goatlips says:

    Yet again it amazes me how stupid football fans are.
    Do you really think Hazard could miss the ball with a toe punt from 10cm away? He didn’t:
    Use your eyes and engage your brain! That little psycho was the spoilt brat son of one of the (I think) Swansea executives and he Tweeted about #TimeWasting. Not that you needed that proof – any idiot could see he collapsed onto the ball for no reason and then squirmed about on top of it for ages. Too add insult to injury he then pretended Hazard had kicked him in the ribs – which could’ve gotten Hazard a criminal assault charge, let alone a ban! Only the type of referees bought by Man U would claim that the psycho brat’s dramatics were real.
    Hazard tried for several seconds to wrestle the ball from him, then did a little toe poke to free the ball – video evidence shows this clearly. The ref wouldn’t have added any time on for that little weirdo’s cheating. Hazard made no contact and should be cleared of all blame and of his red card.
    Swansea won the match fair and square, but that little lunatic has completely ruined their victory. Him and his parents should be euthanased – they’re clearly psychopaths and won’t be missed. Scum of the Earth.

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