John Terry Named In Gagging Order Case – Will Tabloid Claim He Cheated On His Wife?

Ollie Irish

29th, January 2010


By Ollie Irish

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The Guardian has revealed the identity of the player who obtained a gagging order in a bid to prevent a Sunday tabloid from printing allegations about his private life. It’s … John Terry, England’s upstanding captain.

“Lawyers for Terry succeeded in applying for a high court injunction on Friday last week, having learnt that a Sunday newspaper – believed to be the News of the World – planned to write about his private life.

“Under the terms of a superinjunction agreed by a high court judge on privacy grounds, newspaper groups were unable to reveal who had applied to stop the story coming out. But today the judge, Mr Justice Tugendhat, lifted the injunction altogether.” [The Guardian]

Now, the Daily Mail printed a story about this gagging order earlier today, before it knew – or could say – that it was Terry. In that story, it was claimed that “a Premier League footballer has won a gagging order stopping the public learning about his affair with a team-mate’s girlfriend”. [Mail]

Putting 2+2 together, one can assume that the News of the World was all set to run a story about England’s captain cheating on his missus – and with a team-mate! Now, there is (currently) no proof that such a thing happened, but we can say with certainty: this will get VERY spicy.