QPR Not Happy Bunnies After Julio Cesar Pictured In Chelsea Kit At David Luiz’s Birthday Party

Chris Wright

24th, April 2013


By Chris Wright


The media bods at QPR are not happy bunnies at the moment after a photograph of goalkeeper Julio Cesar decked out head-to-toe in Chelsea colours was circulated yesterday.

It won’t surprise you to learn that it’s all completely innocuous, as Cesar and his wife Susanna Werner were merely attending good friend David Luiz’s fancy dress birthday party dressed as David Luiz, while the man himself – along with good buddy Ramires – came as Chelsea pensioners.

Werner then uploaded a few photos of the party to her Instagram account, but the shot of Cesar in a Chelsea strip had QPR’s head of communications, Ian Taylor, in a lather – writing later on Twitter:

“The club is aware of an image of Julio Cesar circulating on social networking feeds.

“The image, which appeared on an Instagram account, has since been deleted. The club will be dealing with this issue internally.”

The miserable gits.

Cesar has also had to issue a statement on the club’s official website, stating:

“I would like to clarify that last night I attended David Luiz’s fancy dress birthday party and, as a joke for my friend, my family and I dressed as him.

“I want to assure everyone that absolutely no offence was intended.”

Quel est le probleme QPR? Why you so mad?

Any road up, here’s how the rest of the gang turned out: You’ve got Paulo Ferreira as Robin (like JD from Scrubs, he’s still the sidekick even in his own fantasies), Nathan Ake as Superman, Demba Ba as ‘Cool American Jacket Guy’, Marko Marin as Breckin Meyer as Robin Hood and, down there at the front, Oscar as Fernando Torres…


And a thoroughly good time was had by all, with lashings and lashings of ginger beer.

(Image: @susanawerner/@MM_MarkoMarin)

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  1. daz says:

    whose that at the back dressed as jimmy savillie

  2. Nuno says:

    Isn’t it also Hazard in a Brazilian kit? (I believe Oscar’s kit)
    Belgium’s FA should also do something about this heresy and have him exiled!

  3. SL says:

    Why are QPR and their fans mad?

    Can you imagine Rooney in a Man City kit or Gerrard in an Everton one?

  4. Irish R says:

    Sorry but where does it say qpr are mad or the like. For the sake of saving face with the fans by issuing g a statement by player. There is no fine or ban for God’s sake. If qpr did not react the fans would bbq down there necks. Could you imagine the fracas if a utd player was I spotted I’m a Liverpool jersey or arsenal player with spurs jersey. The daily mail started this and it’s just poor jjournalism but then again everyone has a comment on this. I could not give two flying fs to be honest!

  5. Sjakie Meulemans says:

    @ SL: Yeah I can. Gerrard wore Everton kits all the time as a kid. But like Chris tried tot say in French, what’s the big deal?

  6. Greg Evans says:

    Has Luiz turned up as one of The Libertines?

  7. mardybum says:

    has Hazard come as Hulk

  8. Nuno says:

    Yeah, because we all know how Chelsea is desperate for a keeper and they are competing for the same positions in the table… oh wait…

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