Endless Parade Of Chelsea Stewards Block Basel’s Marcelo Diaz From Taking Corner (Video)

By Chris Wright

Up there with David Luiz’s gorgeous weak-foot top corner pearler for Pies’ moment of the night from Chelsea vs Basel: a seemingly endless parade of jobsworth Chelsea stewards prevent Basel sub Marcelo Diaz from taking a corner for what seems like an eternity…

“Sorry mate, you’re corner’ll have to wait. We’ve got a job to do here…”

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  1. Jarren says:

    Pretty funny, but if I was a Basel fan watching that I’d be pissed.

    Was this once the game was pretty much done & dusted, or before Chelsea took the lead?

  2. Chimps says:

    Stewards normally do their thing around 85-87 min by which Chelsea were home and dry

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