Inter vs Chelsea: Predictions?

Ollie Irish

24th, February 2010


By Ollie Irish


The Chaaaaaaaampions?

Big game tonight. I call: Inter 1-1 Chelsea (with goals by… let’s say Wes Sneijder and Didier Drogba)

Can’t see more than two goals in what should be a tight first leg. 1-0 either way would also be a decent bet.

How do you see it folks? Leave your predictions below…

PS. You might also notice that Pies is much faster to load than before (I hope!). That’s because we’ve moved to a new server which can deal with our current levels of traffic. Long overdue, I know, but it will make viewing picture galleries, in particular, much more enjoyable for everyone.

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  1. kritter says:

    inter: 2-1, goals from sneijder and eto’o for inter and obviously drogba for chelsea.

  2. EDub says:

    In hindsight …. that was still a pretty good prediction.

    With Chelsea bossing the game, 2 – 1 was a pretty improbable result. And goals from Cambiasso and Milito? What year is this, 2003?

  3. kritter says:

    hahaha… wow, didn’t actually think that would happen. ought to have put some money on it.

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