Ashley Cole Escapes Charges For Shooting Chelsea Intern

Chris Wright

10th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

Surrey Police have reportedly confirmed that they will not be prosecuting Ashley Cole for shooting a work-experience trainee with an air rifle at Chelsea’s training complex last month.

Tom Cowan, 21, was accidentally hit in the side when Cole fired a lead pellet from a .22 air gun which he had inexplicably brought with him to Cobham on February 20th.

Police sources have apparently said that officers were ‘highly unlikely’ to pursue investigations any further after contacting Chelsea, who have vowed to take ‘appropriate action’ and discipline Cole internally.

For Christ’s sake, the man took a gun to work! I despair.

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  1. was he upset over wages? at least he didn’t almost crash his car . Poor ashley cole, when will the world give him a break

  2. K P V is a is douche y'all! says:

    @KPV: What’s wrong, not gonna advertise your shitty twitter account again? Glad to see you got too fucking scared to carry on for fear of your opinion being deleted. Get a life mate and stop sommenting on every fucking post.

  3. Essex says:

    @K P V

    When Ashley Cole stop being stupid himself, that’s when. This guy spends more times in the front page headlines instead of the sports highlight sections.

  4. says:

    Any non footballer would be in jail or at least slapped with a fine. We need to make 2 different types of dictionaries: the normal one that applies to us regular folks, and one for celebrities that has an asterix on the word ‘Justice’

  5. I'm KPV says:

    you cant still follow me… you just have to ask

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