Chelsea TV Presenter Takes Daily Mirror Hack To Task Over Mourinho Rumours (Video)

Chris Wright

15th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

A couple of days ago, Daily Mirror hack Martin Lipton slavvered forth an article in which he claimed to have been contacted by ‘sources in the Chelsea dressing room’ who had informed him that several of the players were desperate for Jose Mourinho to return to the club, i.e, the sort of nothing article that anyone in their right mind would usually gloss over, pay no mind to or simply just ignore completely because it’s in the Daily Mirror.

Not Chelsea TV presenter Gigi Salmon, who duly ripped Lipton a new one when he appeared on the club’s in-house station’s Paperview segment to try and fight his corner…

Good old Patrick Barclay, not defending Lipton from the onslaught in any way, shape or form!

Call me old fashioned, but I love seeing a man that knows he’s been caught out continue to squirm under direct questioning.

FORZA Miss Salmon, FORZA.

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  1. Goaltastic says:

    Call it professional solidarity, but I feel sorry for the journalist here – he’s right to say she’s being unfair.
    If remarks were made to him – whether were flippant and flimsy and throwaway or deadly serious – but firmly off the record, then he has an obligation to protect their right to anonymity.
    If he named names, nobody would ever speak to him as a reporter, on or off the record, ever again.
    Only Mr Lipton, his sources and his editors will know how truthful the story was – but it’s not like he claimed anything that improbable, I can imagine the likes of Drogba, Terry or Lampard wouldn’t turn down a chance to work wth Mourinho again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    People watch Chelsea TV?

  3. Markell says:

    Go on, Gigi, get in!!! And she’s cute, too…

  4. Tinez says:

    funny squirming. paddy barclay could not give less of a shit.

  5. Me Is The Gaffer and it's Huge says:

    lol would love to see barclay jump on lipton and smash his face in until he told

  6. barry says:


  7. VoiceOfReason says:

    haha. that lispy prick looks like he is going to start crying

  8. Ping Yang says:

    Got to love Gigi for doing that.

  9. Ping Yang says:

    And @Anonymous: I know you are trying to be a smart ass but probably all Chelsea fans watch Chelsea t.v. Just like only Man U fans watch MUTV and only Arsenal fans watch Arsenal360.

  10. Jesus says:

    This is absolutely amazing. I wish they’d do this to every tabloid hack out there who writes rubbish articles…

  11. Gibby says:

    So let see if i get this – Lipton writes an article about Chelsea Players wanting an old manager back , he then goes on CHELSEA TV for a segment titled PAPERVIEW but then doesn’t want to comment on the piece he’s wrote ??? Like how her seat is quite a bit higher than Liptons so she look down on him ! whats with the war correspondant cream suit as well ?

  12. joe says:

    haha gigi get in there

  13. Keef says:

    … it’s a bit much when an “outside” reporter gets a “scoop” ahead of a so-called “dedicated” Chelsea TV channel. Chelsea TV should be ashamed that Lipton beat them to the story – it’s not as if they have got anything else to do, apart from walk down to Cobham and write a couple of hundred words a week !

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