Frank Lampard: ‘Barcelona goal was not a fluke’

Ollie Irish

4th, November 2006


Lampard_6 Our mini-debate over the intent behind Frank Lampard‘s goal against Barcelona is over after he revealed that he did, in fact, mean to score (stay with me cynics, he’s going to tell you how he has spent hours rehearsing such a goal!).

He said: "Sometimes I do it as a bit of fun, but it is a test of your skill and I practise shooting from all angles and with both feet. Sometimes it is horrible when you are missing the target all the time but you get your reward if you work hard. Millions of times I have done that and missed the target and then it comes good."

""When I scored, I didn’t really have any other option than to clip it over the goalkeeper. I had to get the right trajectory and it was a great feeling when it dropped in," he added, possibly becoming the first footballer ever to use the word trajectory! [Via Football365]

[Rob Parker]

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  1. sam stanley says:

    it was still a fluke

  2. joe says:

    He probably couldn’t do it again in 100 tries but what else could he have been trying to do?