‘I Wanted To Make Her Happy’ – Mario Balotelli Dedicates Germany Brace To His Mum

Chris Wright

29th, June 2012


By Chris Wright

The Postman always scores twice! Safe to say Mario Balotelli had an emotional old night on Thursday eve, rolling Bild’s pompous plane gag up and sticking up their collective arschs by sending Germany sprawling out of Euro 2012 with a couple of smart goals – goals which he later dedicated to his adoptive mother, Silvia, who made the trip to Warsaw to watch her boy play last night.

After the final whistle, Balotelli located his mum in the crowd and went over to share a teary moment. We’ll let the man himself pick it up from here:

“After the game, when I went to my mum I said ‘these goals are for you’. I waited for this moment for so long and I wanted to make my mum happy. Tonight was the most beautiful of my life – but I hope that this Sunday is even better.”

Bless ‘im. It’s almost as if this whole ‘bad boy of Italian football’ malarkey was and is complete and utter fabricated tripe.

(Thanks to everyone who sent this image over to us last night, much appreciated)

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  1. Dominic says:

    I really repect Balotelli, he is who he is, a lot of players are so fake thesedays, it is nice to see he is original and authentic. Football is a competitive sport and if you understand you can understand a lot about him.

  2. jayjay says:

    This was a magical moment. Thanks to the people who sent to PIEs and thanks to PIEs for uploading…..The amount of crap his Mum must have had to put up with when Balotelli was growing up, by the few small minded Italian fascicts in the years gone by….Beautiful moment. Kudos Pies!

  3. pray4muamba says:

    d’aaaawwww. what a guy!

  4. Italia ftw says:

    I’m not a follower of the italians or the spaniards but I hope Italy wins this with a clutch SUPER MARIO goal…

    would it really change many italians minds about being so racist?

    either way, that is one black dude All italians have to give some respect to.

    I almost had a tear in my eye reading that shit.
    so happy for the guy.

  5. Jarren says:

    A very touching moment.

    I don’t think it’s possible to hate the guy, he’s just too likeable.

    Yeah he’s done some well dodgy tackles in the past, but even then you get the impression there’s no malice in them.

    It’s almost like he’s a boy in a man’s body.

    Even still, he’s a boy with superb footballing skill.

    People seem to forget he’s only 21.

  6. jayjay says:

    @Wesley: Thank you!

  7. Herman says:

    @Balotelli I’ve got some bad news for you. That is not your mum. You are in fact adopted.

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