The Fiendish Friday Quiz


8th, September 2006


A little something for your lunch-break. How well do you remember shirt sponsors? One point for the name of the club and a bonus point for filling in the blank…

1 Hafnia, _____,  Danka, One2One
2 Thistle Hotels, Packard Bell, _____, Whyte & Mackay
3 Holsten, _____, Holsten, Thomson
4 Hitachi, Crown Paints, _____, Carlsberg
5 Shipstones, _____, Pinnacle, Capital One
6 Dickens, Cellnet, BT Cellnet, Dial-a-phone, _____
7 Sharp, Vodafone, _____
8 JVC, _____, O2, Fly Emirates
9 Commodore, Amiga, _____, Autoglass, Fly Emirates
10 Dagenham Motors, Dr Martens, _____

Fiendish, eh? Click below for the answers…

The Fiendish Friday Quiz continued…


1 Everton & NEC
2 Leeds United & Strongbow
3 Tottenham & Hewlett Packard
4 Liverpool & Candy
5 Nottm Forest & Labatt’s
6 Middlesbrough &
7 Man Utd & AIG
8 Arsenal & Sega Dreamcast
9 Chelsea & Coors
10 West Ham Utd & Jobserve

If you managed to name all the clubs, well done; if you managed to fill in all the blanks, you’re a trivia king and I salute you. Either that or you looked ’em up on Wikipedia.

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  1. Sheps says:

    got 14/20 off the top of my head, forest is a tough one as are the missing sponsors for the top two!
    You guys should do this quiz every friday, it’s good stuff.

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    We will be doing quiz every Friday Sheps – thx for your comment, Ollie

  3. chaz says:

    19/20 – didnt get pinnacle