The Fiendish Friday Quiz


15th, September 2006


More brain-hurt for your lunch hour…

1 Seven Football League clubs play at home in red-and-white striped shirts. Can you name them all?
2 Luton Town, Coventry City, Southampton, Celtic (current club) – which journeyman’s career path?
3 Bet24 currently sponsor two English league clubs. Name both teams.
4 In which African country was Chelsea’s Claude Makelele born?
5 Which player made his home debut two weeks ago – but not for his new club?
6 Name the team which has played every Serie A season, since the league’s inception in 1929.

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The Fiendish Friday Quiz continued…


1 Brentford, Cheltenham Town, Doncaster Rovers, Sheffield United, Southampton, Stoke City, Sunderland (all sport vertical stripes, except for Doncaster, whose stripes are horizontal).
2 Paul Telfer
3 Blackburn Rovers and Leeds Utd
4 Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo)
5 Arsenal’s Julio Baptista, who first played at the Emirates Stadium for Brazil, against Argentina. He then made his Arsenal home debut against Middlesbrough last Saturday.
6 Internazionale

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  1. joe says:

    Some great questions in there! I only got the Inter Milan one right. Though the Makelele one was quite tricky!

  2. oniman says:

    Great quiz, had me thinking 4 a while but only ones i got were Paul Telfer, Sunderland and Blackburn.