Football GIF: Dewy-Eyed Ronaldo Cries ‘Injustiça’ Over Euro 2012 Penalty Defeat

Chris Wright

28th, June 2012


By Chris Wright

After opting to go fifth and the shootout not getting that far thanks largely to Bruno Alves’ misfortune and Cesc’s little chat, Cristiano Ronaldo was left crying “Injustiça… injustiça” (which roughly translates as “The horror… the horror”) as he watched a large swathe of his Real Madrid teammates waltz into the final at his expense – at which point he hoisted his shorts up around his taint, aired out those smooth, golden, completely hairless thighs and had a jolly thighs-out good sulk about it all…

GIF: 101GG

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  1. Eckpfosten says:

    To be honest…I never liked Ronaldo that much, but this guy is all drama, all cowboy…what would soccer be without him?

  2. Dave says:


    You spelled “football” wrong. What would football be without him.

  3. Dom says:

    Thought Portugal played well against Spain, never seen Spain look so uncomfortable before during an international match.

    I dislike Ronaldo but, admit he played well and carried Portugal to Semi-Final which is an impressive position for them considering Netherlands were second favourite to qualify from the group.

  4. Eckpfosten says:

    @Dave: are right…dont now why this happened to me oO

  5. theo says:

    it’s not drama, it’s his love for the game and for portugal, it’s just too horrific for portugal go out this way

  6. Renato says:

    ‘Injustiça’ doesn’t mean horror. It just means what it says on the tin ‘Injustice’. Have you seen those ref decisions? Spain is being carried to the final.

  7. :) says:

    @renato (& chris) you can’t pidgeonhole a foreign word as translating directly to an english word. they are two languages. it depends on the context and the actual meaning cannot have a full transition into another language

  8. Rob says:

    Hilarious, there was a real chance he would score from a penalty too as there was no wall in front of him to hit.

  9. Messi Balls says:

    Ronaldo – Great player but went down in my estimation as a player after this game………….

    The number 1 peno taker for his clubs for the last 6 years, number 1 peno taker for Portugal also yet he doesn’t step up and take a peno.

    His country needed a leader, a captain and inspiration yet he sits back and lets a central defender step up and take the decisive peno instead.

    Shameful. If Portugal were 3 up i bet he’s step up and take a peno!

    Injustice? Best team won on the night and rightly so, just because you hold the world champions to a 0 – 0 draw doesn’t mean you deserve to go through!

  10. Boixos says:

    @Renato: “ref decisions” isn’t what has gotten Spain to the final, it’s football, and at the point of the penalties anybody could have taken it in spite of the obvious. The Mourinho effect of moaning about imagined injustice is tiresome and if Portugal couldn’t win in 2004 at home, with a better squad, and against Greece(!) … really, mate.

  11. Hirsty says:

    @renato by refereeing decisions do you mean that refs haven’t been falling for portugals pathetic dives and cheating antics? Even Italy have stopped flopping around and whining as much as portugal, it’s pathetic, play like men for fucks sake.

  12. Ludovic says:

    “Injustiça” means unfair, not horror.

  13. x says:

    injustiça – unfair; injustice

  14. Tom says:

    for everyone saying that Pies translated it wrong, it is a reference to the classical film “apocalypse now”.

  15. I don't even speak portuguese. says:

    And I can tell that Injustiça means injustice.

  16. Grant says:

    Just like Henry in 2006. It’s fine to say I’m going to have the pressure penalty to win the trophy, but what if it doesn’t get there…

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