Pro Evolution Soccer 6, the greatest thing in the history of the universe


26th, September 2006


B000fnih6q02_ss400_sclzzzzzzz_v39981343_ I firmly believe that Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series is the greatest in the history of video games. And if you disagree with me, not only are you wrong, but I refuse to acknowledge your existence.

I’ve played every one in the PES series, which explains why I’m currently as excited as a small boy on Christmas Eve – yes, PES6 is about to be released (on Oct 1st, to be precise) and I can’t wait. No football game plays as realistically as Pro Evo – by comparison, EA’s FIFA series (FIFA 1007 is about to be released too) is arcade rubbish. My only gripe is the lack of an Xbox version – it’s out on PS2 and Xbox 360, but not the original Xbox, a cunning move that forces PES fans to upgrade to a 360. Oh well, as a PES addict, I have to get my fix, so I’m going to have to buy a 360. PRE-ORDER IT

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  1. sam says:

    Lets hope PES 6 is a step forward from PES5 – rumour has it its returning to be a bit more like PES4 was (so easier by miles)

  2. Robert says:

    “In comparison” to other games, probably, yes. But in comparison to real football still no.
    So many unrealistic things going on in the PES series. When are they gonna programm defenders to mark on the inside for instance? Or when will they get the offside rules right?