FA Cup Final: Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool – 40 Brilliant Photos From Wembley

By Chris Wright

All the best photos from today’s to-doings at Wembley…


Photos: PA

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  1. SHAQ says:

    i didnt see the photo of gerard in tears, or the one of henry ripping up kennys contract

  2. Venny says:

    Up until recently I thought this season was pretty much a failure for Chelsea, I’m really glad they decided to prove me wrong

  3. Mr Sensible says:

    How fucking big an ego does that idiot Gabriel Clark have, not content with doing his usual bullshit build up article where his face is on the screen half the time and he’s leaning against a wall like he’s fucking Serge Gainsbourg, every interview after the game half the screen was taken up by his stupid pointy face, no one else does it so why does he, ALWAYS!

    Gabriel, no one gives a shit about you, hide your face behind the camera where it belongs and preferably shut your mouth too.

  4. Up blue says:

    The blues you are mouthed…

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