Snapshot: Chelsea Are The 2012 FA Cup Winners!

By Chris Wright

We’ll have more reaction when we sober up tomorrow, but for now this is all you need to know: It didn’t go over the line, Chelsea won…

Photo: PA/Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport

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  1. Jarren says:

    Congrats Chelsea!

    Really pleased for Di Matteo.

  2. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Di Matteo could win the Champions League, I still see him getting the sack at the end of this year. Abramovich is just a dongasaurus.

  3. Tom Jones says:


  4. immadismas says:

    weldone dimatteo

  5. Paul C.Lalchungnunga says:

    Blue is the winner Samsung is the mobile !

  6. wolfinho says:

    honestly, if di matteo coaches them to a champions league win, and they still fire him, i think it will be the best for everyone. di matteo’s a great coach but i still think there’s a bit of luck involved in his success (with the veterans already knowing how to win, generally). i don’t think it would be best for him to try and develop the young players they have there now; he’d be better off in a place where he can do the selecting and grooming. the success he’s had this season will propel him to a job with a decent club with money, plus roman will have his holy grail, and the veterans can disband if and as they like. that’s a good outcome, in my opinion. i don’t like chelsea, but i wish them luck in the finals. looking forward to a good game in munich.

  7. lfc_man says:

    The better side won. A fair result.

  8. STFC says:

    Hahaha if lfc_man is a Liverpool fan then i’m a cabbage

  9. Chris says:

    Chris I skipped the post win celebrations for a reason.Why post it in the Liverpool section? Now your just making me mad.

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