Norwegian Liverpool Fan Names His Daughter ‘YNWA’

Chris Wright

20th, January 2015


By Chris Wright


A nutty Norwegian Liverpool fan has named his daughter ‘YNWA’ – as in “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking but Daniel Agger is Danish, remember?

Speaking to Dagbladet, the little girl’s mother, Eirin Isabell Iversen – herself a Tromso fan, described how her and her lunatic husband picked the unusual name after having his first choice scuppered by Mother Nature.

“I’m probably not as interested in football, but it was actually my suggestion to call her “YNWA”,” Iverson said.

“He suggested ‘Gerrard’, before we knew if it was a boy or girl.”

Apparently little YNWA’s parents gave her the opportunity to alter her name, but she opted to keep it while adding “Karoline” into the mix – meaning her full name is actually Karoline YNWA Iversen.

“Her name is Karoline YNWA,” Iversen continued.

“We could not really force her to cheer Liverpool, but she is very proud of her name.”

With her fifth birthday coming up in May, Karoline YWNA’s dad has promised to take her to Anfield as a special treat after successfully (and none too subtly) indoctrinating her at an early age.

Something something child abuse something something.

(Via Project Babb)