Classic Banners: Welcome To Hell My Arse …

Ollie Irish

26th, August 2010


THAT famous Scouse wit:

Liverpool fans showed off this most excellent banner at the 2005 Champions League final, held – you might have heard about it – in Istanbul.

Turkish fans are now synonymous with devilish hospitality, especially since the tragic tie between Leeds Utd and Galatasaray in 2000 (which spawned another classic banner). I imagine Liverpool will receive a very warm welcome when they play Trabzonspor this evening.

Anyway, what’s the Grafton? According to The Times, “The Grafton is a nightclub, famous for ‘grab-a-granny’ nights, where innocent young scallies find themselves at the mercy of predatory Liverpool divorcees.”

Can any Liverpudlians confirm or deny that?