Shit Lookalikes: Tito Vilanova & The Young Mark E Smith

Chris Wright

11th, April 2013


By Chris Wright

Vilanova is the Barcelona caoch

Smith is the painfully Mancunian, fag ash-throated lead singer of The Fall. It’d be remiss of us if we didn’t include the following clip of him reading out The Beeb’s classified football results a few years back…

Never gets old.

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  1. Jose M says:

    This guy has the easiest job in world football – how tough can it be to say “give the ball to Iniesta or Messi”?! Even Roura, the physio or kitman who has been in charge lately, who has all the charisma and footballing know-how of a potato has kept the Barca team rolling on.

  2. Liam says:

    He looks like Glen Hoddle

  3. dc says:

    Jose, there’s nothing easy about having the kind of pressure that Tito has piled on him every single game; especially now that many teams are able to counteract Barcelona’s style. Tito has done a tremendous job in figuring out new ways to beat defensive opposition. Keeping a top team running smoothly all season isn’t a small task either; ask Mourinho, who’s trailing big time in the league. He’s also been getting cancer treatment all season. Easy job…

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