Shit Lookalikes: Zlatan Ibrahimovic & His Identical Bulgarian Doppelganger…

Chris Wright

29th, September 2014

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By Chris Wright

Nothing shit about this. This pair share 100% of their genetic material (bar the spectacles*)…


The chap on the right is Bulgarian investigative journalist Hristo Hristov, who is apparently well aware of the fact that he shares a face with the Almighty Zlatan.

“I know very well who is Zlatan Ibrahimovic,” Hristov told Swedish paper Expressen.

“He is a national team player for Sweden, has played for a number of great teams and is currently at PSG.”

There’s those keen investigative journalist skills in action right there.

“I am a serious, investigative journalist and would rather not comment on cases where people in Sweden think that I look like a football player.

“No, there have been times here in Bulgaria where people have told me I look like Johnny Depp -and it makes me smile.”

As it should, Hristo. As it should.

(Spotter’s Badge: Football Ramble)

(*yes, we know that spectacles don’t actually constitute “genetic material”)

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1 Comment

  1. TravisKOP says:

    its bloody uncanny. . .

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