‘A Moment Of Reflection’ – Vincent Kompany Pens Facebook Note To Voice Concern Over Failed Appeal

Chris Wright

11th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

This just appeared on Vincent Kompany’s official Facebook page; a personally written note touching on the Manchester City captain’s failure to get his red card against Manchester United overturned yesterday…

All-in-all, right or wrong, a very level-headed and considered response from an impressively intelligent footballer. You may not necessarily agree with what he’s saying (personally, I can empathise with his fear that referee’s are starting to take possibilities and permutations into account when assessing tackles) or his defence of the tackle on Nani itself, but the fact that he’s voiced his opinion in such a timely and erudite manner certainly demands a bit of respect.

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  1. Fletch says:

    Fair play to him. Makes some good points without playing the conspiracy card or making out that he’s being victimised.

    Liverpool take note!

  2. Ben says:

    This message is full of moral win.

  3. Gordon says:

    Vincent Kompany has shown himself consistently to be an extremely intelligent and well considered man and I am ecstatic that he is captaining City through what should be a golden age for the club (especially after Carlos ‘no speakada english’ Tevez, as inspiring as he was when he fancied it). In regards to the tackle, everyone has had their say but as Vinny says what’s done is done… time to move on.

  4. Urraca says:

    His words can be understood in this way: EPL players are becoming a little pu*sies and the referees are been coned. it’s a tipical escenario in southamerican football.

  5. Alan says:

    Inside that massive head is a massive brain.

  6. lfc says:

    well played, good comments, however this has nothing to do with lfc (@fletch), just because people are making a mountain out of a mole hill everyone gets offended soon as lfc do something wrong, however when mario b. does something wrong every1 laughs about it!

  7. SL says:

    He is right, the refs and FA are encouraging cheating, diving and players surrounding the ref trying to get others sent off.

    As long as the player gets the ball, it should not be a foul unless it was two footed, its the responsibility of the other player to get out of the way. I hate the fact that fouls are given when a player wins the ball cleanly and then just brushes the other player and a foul is given, red cards are regularly given out for challenges that arent even fouls.

    Sad that hes only saying it now, it has been happening regularly for the smaller clubs against the top sides for decades but no one says a thing.

  8. daver says:

    Somebody skipped his English lesson on commas

  9. tendon not is says:

    @Urraca I dont think your hypothesis applies in this scenario. The player being tackled didn’t dive or appeal for a foul. The reason this card is soo controversial is that nani jumped in time to avoid any contact. If kompany had made contact i dont think there would be too much hue and cry about this .

  10. Del says:

    Well done to Kompany, great speech. It’s reassuring to know that some footballers have an IQ that reaches triple figures and beyond.

  11. Guy says:

    @Alan with some massive thinking capacity.

    Give the man a drink on the house for managing to the PR tightrope of stating a point in an educated manner without coming off as whiny or vindictive.

    What bothers me about the whole thing is Nani, who I’ve seen plenty of in the last 4 years, both international and league, goes down with contact and comes up with complaints. Its just apart of his style of play, though he does seem to have a volume control knob on the antics (from time to time). But in this situation, he just plays on. He doesn’t go ground, or yell or pout. He plays on and chases the ball.

    Was the tackle rash, maybe. Did it need to be two-footed, probably not. But was it him in there first, clean and all ball – absolutely. But, would we be talking about this in a different context if one or both feet had caught Nani – again – absolutely.

    I believe all we want from referees is a heavy dash of consistency along with a heavy dash of being correct. As spectators, we want to know what to expect in what we are watching. It makes it more enjoyable to watch, and more importantly, it allows those players to go and play to their fullest extent.

  12. MrMac says:

    So basicly he wants premier league to remain premier league, and not become “southern” football(argentina/brazil, spain, italy etc) where you have to have a minor in theater to win?

    Sounds good to me.

    I don’t think it’s as bad but, if next year becomes as bad as this ref wise – we’ll it’s probably time to tune into Barca vs Madrid – cause that’s what well be seeing every game.

  13. idiot alex ferguson says:

    vincent kompany is being conned buy Ferguson Association (FA) and fergie told his nut referee to sent him off coz he is much more style and handsome than his old red nose face. SAF is really a bastard and rooney is a twat.

  14. The Mighty Potters says:

    daver, if you’re going to criticise someone’s punctuation, make sure you put a full stop at the end of your sentence!

  15. Dave says:

    i agree with kompany

  16. Isaac says:

    The premier league will never be hard hitting like it used to be as we keep bringing in foreign players who are trained from a young age to cheat. It happens at all clubs. All have players who do it. Just look at the championship where foreign players are there but not on as large a scale, the games flow far better with heavy challenges. You could see this when Leeds played Arsenal this week. Their tackles were very strong but fair.

    Could Kompany have snapped someones leg? Yes, but he didnt. It was a risky tackle but ultimately paid off. What doesnt help is the inconsistency on this matter. Last nights tackle was the same in the Liverpool game.

    Common sense has left the game and bubblewrap has encompassed it.

  17. asd says:

    congratulations kompany. Let’s celebrate you and your club’s “Moral” victory of last two games! :)

  18. Anonymous says:

    kompany chers to that blue army

  19. Rick says:

    Vinnie I am a Liverpool fan, and I must say your comments are truly inspiring, as if we talked of consistancy half the palyers today will be sent off.. Stupid thought though, Will like we have over here in the States, when important decisions such as instant replay for RED CARD offenses only be able to be challenged on the feild, makes the game 5 mins long (depending) but will give us the fair play and make a better game where it can be 11 against 11?..

  20. Anabelle says:

    Vincent Kompany is a great footballer. Now I know he’s a great guy. Love him!

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