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Mario Balotelli Celebrates Goal Against Wigan With Shiny New Genghis Khan-Inspired Tattoo (Photos)

By Alan Duffy

(I kept in his nipple ‘cos I know how you like things like that).

When I say Mad Mario celebrated his goal against Wigan with a tattoo, I didn’t mean that he had the tatt done on the side of the pitch at the DW Stadium. In case you were wondering. Instead, the day after that 2-0 win for the Citizens, which saw the Italian striker net his first league goal of the season, Balotelli decided to go with a quote from that loveable rogue Genghis Khan on his chest (apparently made when he was on Parkinson in the ’70’s).

The tattoo reads: “‘I am the punishment of God. If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you”, which in my book does sound a tad overly dramatic for a bejewelled footballer living a rather nice playboy lifestyle, but there you go.

To be honest I think tattoos are becoming the modern equivalent of the mullet for footballers? All seems a bit predictable really. Maybe I’m just too old.

Here’s Mario in the hotseat…

I hate it when people leave the plastic on their furniture.

Photos courtesy of the Daily Mail

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By Alan Duffy on November 30th, 2012 in Man City, Photos. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

16 Responses to “Mario Balotelli Celebrates Goal Against Wigan With Shiny New Genghis Khan-Inspired Tattoo (Photos)”

  1. Neil says:

    The tatoo, the gold chain, and the parachute pants…..100% class that is.

  2. CrazyMario says:

    From the same Genghis Khan that plundered the towns and raped the people of his native Italy?

    And what is he wearing?

  3. Allan says:

    I wonder is the tat directed at Man City?

  4. Fnarf says:

    What on earth is he wearing in place of trousers? It looks like some kind of horrible diaper or nappy, made out of a huge soiled blanket. It’s giving me the horrors just looking at it.

  5. porcelain sandwich says:

    All that space in his trousers and he has to stick his iPhone down the front of his pants.

  6. Jarren says:

    I can understand such ample crotch area in a pair of trousers.

    As I have an appendage which is so large it needs to be coiled up to fit in a normal pair of baggy jeans, this sort of space is a much needed relief.

    Plus it shows girls what a massive cock I have.

    Or should that be “am”…

  7. yolo says:

    What do you mean ‘native Italy’? His Ghanian…who thinks he’s Italian lol

  8. drags says:

    Looks like he lost a bet to Danny Welbeck in the background there laughing his head off at those ridiculous “pants”.

  9. bob says:

    just because he’s black doesnt mean he look like welbeck, he looks nothing like him

  10. Mr. Chopper says:

    Hey Yolo, you racist f*ck – “his native Italy” means exactly that. Italy is the land of his birth. It’s where he’s from.

  11. drags says:

    @bob uhhm i pretty much live in africa, fairly confident i can spot the difference between the face of one black person and the next. He looks like danny welbeck with a cap on to me, write your own opinion rather that crit others. troll dick

  12. plops says:

    Coming from the guy who founded the biggest contiguous empire the world’s ever seen, that’s quite intimidating. Coming from a buffoon who’s quite good at football it’s just laughable. And that’s why I like him.

    “Genghis Khan that plundered the towns and raped the people of his native Italy?” You sure about that one?

  13. Steve says:

    @yolo HE says he’s Italian, you knob.

    @plops Yes, I am sure as I can be without actually being there. Read any History of Venice text.

  14. Danny Welbeck says:

    Other kid looks fuck all like Welbeck

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