Is Shaun Wright-Phillips Worth £100,000 A Week?

Ollie Irish

5th, March 2010


By Ollie Irish


SWP: sit-down protest

SWP has let it be known that he’s not happy with Man City’s offer of a £70,000 a week contract (improved from his current £60,000 a week). Or rather Ian Wright has. Embarrassing dads, eh.

Wright Snr accused Man City chief executive Garry Cook of treating his son “like a youth-team player”. Perhaps Wrighty meant ‘looking’ like a youth-team player instead?

The cause of the contract stand-off is rooted in SWP’s unfortunate timing. He joined Man City just before the Dubai mega-cash revolution and now wants a salary more in line with team-mates who joined more recently, such as Emmanuel Adebayor, Kolo Toure, Joleon Lescott, Carlos Tevez and Patrick Vieira, all of whom are reported to earn more than £100,000 a week.

I’ve read reports claiming that SWP and his mouthy father are out of line asking for a six-figure salary, but I think it’s fair enough to want to be paid at a similar level to similarly experienced colleagues – no matter how good you think SWP is, can you honestly say that Joleon Lescott is worth almost twice as much as him? I don’t think so.

Do you think it’s fair for SWP to want £100,000 a week?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    no he is not

  2. roy harper says:

    Shawn deserves to be payed on a level with the best payed players at Manchester City. Perhaps his dad is going off like he does, but Marwood and Cook are insulting him. Letting him go would be a BIG mistake. He is very likely to be one of England’s best players at the world cup this year, and one of City’s for the next five years. And an honourable man to boot!

  3. Dan says:

    Not in a million years, he’s basically just a glorified sprinter playing football.

  4. Russ the blue says:

    Wrght snr needs to shut up, SWP is 28 now he does not need his Daddy to talk for him. Love SWP, he is a link to the old days but then that was the old days and the club has moved on perhaps SWP should move on as well

  5. Dle says:

    than this money that footballers {:

  6. Ben says:

    Of course not – no footballer is, this is just common sense. I totally get that he feels hard done by compared to others but for fuck’s sake, you earn £60,000 a week, get over it!

  7. Bluenose says:

    He’s not asking for 100k … he’s asking for 75k… the sticking point isn’t over the amount it’s over the length of contract. As for 75k.. he’ll still be one of the lowest paid first team regulars at the club.

  8. Mike says:

    He always puts a good shift in when he plays but this year he has been very poor. If he was so concerned about the world cup he would put his contract negotiations on the back burner, get his head down and try to get us into the Champions league. If he manages to do this and in turn has a good world cup then surely he will get his wishes. Also he should have a word with his dad, I know I wouldn’t be too happy if my dad started slagging off my employers.

  9. Hannu says:

    He surely isn’t worth £100 000 a week but I can completely understand SWP though. The problem with City nowadays is that we have plenty of players who are earning much more than they deserve. Surely Bridge, Lescott or Toure are not worth over £100 000 a week.

    If you think it from your own perspective, how would you feel if you found out that some colleague of yours – whom you don’t rate any better than you are – earned twice as much as you do? I guess, you would be really mad.

    But I can understand Cook and Marwood also. As we all have read recently, City made a huge loss a year ago. And we have to remember that then we didn’t have for example Tevez, Adebayor and Barry on our payroll. So, my guess is that the bosses are just counting one plus one. There is no way we can go on paying all the players salaries in excess of £100 000 a week. There just isn’t enough money coming in to cover those kind of salaries on the long run. We know that if we want to play in the CL we have to balance our books. Unfortunately the players who we had before ADUG time are those who will suffer.

  10. timi says:

    wtf most peeple cant even get 100,000 in a bloody year of work. he shuld stop winging and get on with it he gets far too much for his crap ability anyway

  11. tom says:

    What a joke! SWP has a big heart but little legs, little legs than sometimes produce the goods but more often than not, his performance falls short of the mark. Comparing footballers salaries is a pointless task given the bizarre levels of money they earn. But if we are looking to make a judgement as to whether SWP is significant enough to make a difference to City’s long term future, the answer is simple – no. He isn’t good enough: never was, never will be.

    Ian Wright is an oaf. So too SWP if he listens to his advice.

  12. Anonymous says:

    errrrm MR EDITOR… He RE-joined just before the Dubai owners! Meaning he’s actually been with us longer…. a lot longer, than when he came from Chelsea. He’s a massive jewell in the crown that is our ever improving academy production line! K?

  13. kah hoe says:

    he is worth that figure! the arab people should appreciate him more! he should go to man utd coz alex fergie scum likes him more than the sheikh!

  14. Dave says:

    Hes not a bad player but no world beater.Point taken about what the rest of the mercenaries are on but 60k is not so bad is it? It would take me nearly 3 years to earn what he takes in a week.

  15. kris says:

    well, with the whole Joe Cole thing being at a standstill, who would u rather have for 100 grand a week, cole or SWP. both 28, both very talented??

  16. Dollyblue says:

    I agree with Mike 100% however, after seeing Robinho in action who could blame him.
    I don’t know how much Richards is getting, but he should pay a fine for every silly free kick he gives away just outside the penalty box, having said that we would have taken something from the games at Everton, and also from most of the drawn games.


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