Carlos Tevez Sues TV Show Over ‘Ugly Carlitos’ Parody

Chris Wright

16th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

Carlos Tevez has taken legal action against an Argentinian comedy show after taking umbrage at an animated segment that parodies him and his relationship with his girlfriend, actress Brenda Asnicar.

The sketch in question is called Carlitos Feo’ (which translates as ‘Ugly Carlitos’), a stop-motion animated sketch that appeared on America network’s ‘Un Mundo Perfecto’ variety show last week.

‘Carlitos Feo’ sees a Tevez doll lounging in his Manchester home, touching himself inappropriately, informing Asnicar that he had urinated in a vase whilst watching football earlier then ordering a pizza only for his girlfriend to be eaten by a crocodile as a result.

Grade A hilarity, I’m sure you’ll agree, though Tevez was less than amused – confirming, via his lawyer, that he plans to sue Un Mundo Perfecto for both ‘defamation of character’ and ‘attacks against his honor’.

Tevez’s legal representative Ana Rosenfeld told Ciudad:

“Mr. Tevez decided to initiate legal action against all those who made humorous comments about this subject during the show, including ‘Un Mundo Perfecto’ host Roberto Pettinato.

“[Tevez] can’t accept the indignity of a parody which claims that he used to heat up his urine to drink it when he was growing up in Fuerte Apache because he didn’t have anything to eat.”

According to reports emanating from Argentina, Tevez is asking for over half a million dollars in his lawsuit and has already forced Un Mundo Perfecto to cease broadcasting any further ‘Ugly Carlitos’ sketches.