‘I’ve Got Plenty Of Ammunition’ – Sir Alex Cocked And Ready For Man City’s Mind Games

Chris Wright

23rd, March 2012


By Chris Wright

“You come at the King, you better not miss BROSEPH!!!”

Seasoned ‘snarky combat’ vet Sir Alex Ferguson has reliably informed anyone that will listen that he is primed and ready for Manchester City’s war o’ words as the Premier League title race reaches the smelly end, after City mouthpiece Patrick Vieira insisted Ferguson’s decision to bring Paul Scholes out of retirement showed weakness on his part – an ‘act of desperation’ if you will.

Vieira’s timing was a little unfortunate seeing as, the following evening, Carlos Tevez managed to weasel his way back onto the City bench, despite being told he’d never play for the club again roughly five months ago. Hey ho. Why let little hypocritical discrepancies like that get in the way of a good ding-dong?

Said Sir:

“If it’s desperation bringing back the best midfielder in Britain for the last 20 years then I think we can accept that. I think [Vieira] was programmed (to say) that.

“Roberto had a dig a couple of weeks back. We’re all going to play our hand that way. There will be plenty of ammunition for (mind games).

“If you talk about desperation, they played a player the other night who the manager said he’d never play again and he takes a five-month holiday in Argentina.

“What is that? Could that come under the description of desperation?”

Yep. It could. 1-0 Fergie.

Elsewhere, Rio Ferdinand has been stirring the scheiße, whispering in the Beeb’s ear that he’s suddenly started seeing a lot more blue shirts around Manchester after City began to swell:

“Walking around in town, you see more and more blue shirts than you probably ever would have seen over the last 10 years.

“Success sometimes brings people out of the woodwork. So fingers crossed we can delay that and make sure that we get this title sewn up this season.”

Oooh! Rio! This cat’s got claws! Meeeow!

Call me old-fashioned, but it’s this the way the Manchester rivalry is supposed to be? Sniping back and forth? Superfluous point scoring? By my reckoning, it’s been a little bit too polite for a while now.

Time to lock Fergie and Bob Mancini in Portakabin and hand out the foam baseball bats.

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  1. Mr. Sparkle says:

    I think Rio talking about glory hunters makes me want to facepalm myself. No, not myself. I rather slap him for his incredulous stupidity. The irony of being ironic without realising that your statement has made you look like a total prat and a sodding idiot to boot.

    Doesn’t he realise that the majority of Manchester United fanboys (big four for that matter) are exactly that, glory-hunting-prawn-sandwich-eating-big-name-fad-loving-band-wagon-jumpers?

  2. LJHarvz says:

    When I used to live in Manchester used to see more City and even Liverpool shirts about than United ones.

  3. Mr. Sparkle says:

    That’s because 99% of United fans live in Singapore and Thailand.

  4. Arsenesbrasso says:

    @ Mr Sparkle

    I’ve got a couple of the buggers in my office. One comes from Devon & the other is a resident of that well known Manchester suburb known as ‘Tunbridge Wells’.

    Tossers the pair of ’em!!!

  5. Gallium says:

    I do hope this rivalry doesn’t escalate to the same sickening heights of the Celtic/Rangers rivalry. I’m all for a bit of banter, but when fans start getting physically attacked, that’s when you know they’ve gone too far. Coincidentally, anyone who hasn’t should watch the documentary on the Old Firm derby on vice.com

  6. JJ says:

    Sir Alex has opened the mind games book and it won´t be pretty.
    I´m a hammer and would like City to win the league just because a bit of change wouldn´t hurt the game. Can´t see that happening if Mancini and City keep fueling the mind-games fire. If they go down that road it could hurt them. They should do their talking on the pitch.

  7. WildScotsman6 says:

    If you’ve actually watched the documentary, you’ll see the reporter doesn’t see it as bad as the politicians would have you believe. The Old Firm is one of the best rival matches in the world, for good reason. If passion is snippy comments and finger wagging, then consider us lunatics for our squad!

  8. Chezz says:

    Lol at The Wire reference. From now until the end of the season all the set-pieces matter.. sorry

  9. Simmo says:

    Shows how often Rio Ferdinand ventures into downtown Manchester .In all my visits i’ve never seen a United shirt on display… I once saw a Crystal Palace shirt in a Manchester sports shop window display though .

  10. Nizam says:

    Manchester City VS Manchester United…great game

  11. Applesauce says:

    LOL @ Rio calling City supporters bandwagon fans.

    That’s like Tevez calling someone selfish.

  12. yngwie j. malmsteen says:

    To all of yous who are knocking Rio, consider this:

    Just like you’ve supported Barcelona/City (in most cases both) since ‘you were kids’, so have i jumped on the Manchester United bandwagon in ’99 when my parents bought me a Scholes jersey. Can’t wear it anymore cuz it was in kids sizes but still have it.

    The difference is, our bandwagoners have stuck for at least 2 decades of highs and lows and i’ll never support another club no matter what.
    People who became Barcelona/City fans overnight will leave as soon as another force rises or at least overshadows them.

    2 seasons ago everyone was wearing Real Madrid shirts and Chelsea shirts. Now….nobody!
    And its a popular trend to hate the club that you were so passionately supporting once. That’s why there are so many Manchester United haters.

    City are a joke that is killing football and Pies is a reputable enough site to not post anything about this ‘football’ club. At least i hope so

  13. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    The difference is Tevez is a badly-advised mercenary in his prime, Scholes should’ve been put out to pasture.

    Football nowadays is cycnical, only winning matters. If I know Bob Mancini well enough, he’ll have no problems with people calling him spineless or soft for bringing Carlos back as long as he wins them the title.

  14. Legano says:

    Don’t mess with SAF.

  15. Sameer says:

    Why is it termed ‘Mind Games’ when Fergie simply replied to Viera’s comments? I thought the media was stupid, but now I think they are uneducated. Or is that the qualification needed to become an English journo?

  16. wasim says:

    i started watching football after 2006 world cup and then i jumped on the Arsenal bandwagon because of the fantastic football . Arsenal haven’t won anything since i started watching but that doesn’t stop me from hating Manure , Cheshit , Barca and now Manshitty

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