Wigan 1-0 Man Utd – Latics Out Of Drop Zone As Red Devils Flop Without Scholes (Photos & Highlights)

Alan Duffy

11th, April 2012


By Alan Duffy

Wigan Athletic 1-0 Manchester United – Premier League – 11th April 2012

Well, well, well! Have Wigan just re-opened the title race courtesy of a shock 1-0 win against Man Utd? With City hammering West Brom tonight, the gap at the top is now down to just five points with five games left to play.

Shaun Maloney was the goal-hero for Wigan in the first-half, as United, without Paul Scholes, struggled to impose themselves on the game.

Ironically, after all the hoo-ha over United’s apparent luck with refereeing decisions in recent weeks, Fergie’s men were unlucky not to get a penalty in the second-half after a blatant handball in the box from Maynor Figueroa. While, that Maloney goal also came from a corner which shouldn’t have been awarded at all.

However, overall, without Scholes dictating the play in the middle of the park, United are a different, and inferior, side.

Roberto Martinez and co, on the other hand, will be delighted with the vital win which sees them go two points clear of the drop-zone.


Highlights to follow…


Photos: PA

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  1. Mr. Angry says:

    hahaha cheating fucking scum get a taste of their own medicine!

    if not for idiotic refs manure would not be anywhere near the top of the league let alone potential champions!

    disgusting fucking scum!

  2. adam says:

    fair enough but united did get a few dodgy calls themselves – what about the clear goal that was disallowed? the studs up challenge from evans when on a yellow card?

    as they say things even out over a season and united didnt deserve anything from this game. after the chelsea wigan game justice was done tonight

  3. Nicolas says:

    Im tired of those retarded refs and United, but this one? This one is well deserved! I do hope for more!

  4. markbiram says:

    absolutely comment no.2.

    ferguson at the end grumbled ‘everything went against us’ but as you point out, wigan’s disallowed goal was ludicrous. once again de gea was found wanting on a corner, he got nowhere near it and there was no offence. evans probably would have walked 9 times out of 10 too. without doubt united were unlucky with other decisions but to use the word ‘everything’ seems a bit rich!

  5. markbiram says:

    v.well done to wigan by the way. spirited display from martinez’s boys.

  6. js94 says:

    Liverpool scored when they lost to Wigan, Man Utd didn’t. From that we can summarise Liverpool are better than Man Utd.

  7. Anabelle says:

    Mr Angry, you’re a Prince. Best comment.

    As for Man Utd, Karma is a b1tc6.

  8. wolfinho says:

    whaaaa! whaaaa! united didn’t get the calls, so let’s comment about how often united get the calls. whaaaa! i guess when your team is the most successful you have to get used to hearing the haters bitch and moan from below. and karma!? yeah, 19 league titles, 11 FA cups, 3 european cups, that’s some karma for you. sheesh, keep that karma comin’!

    good game wiggers, you deserved three points and i hope you stay in the prem. it would do the game good to see wolves, blackburn, and QPR go down.

  9. Al says:

    @ wolfinho – A united fan talking about all the trophies they’ve won? Don’t united fans always get on their high horse when us Liverpool fans make reference to all the trophies we’ve won? tut tut

  10. Jave says:

    @Wolfinho haha. No one cares. Go and finish your prawn sandwhich..

  11. Graham says:

    Credit to Wigan, they pressed us hard and we were complacent. It’s a hiccup though, happens every year. Number 20 is still in sight.

    And @Al, nobody takes your club seriously anymore.

  12. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Let’s hope the race is back on, God knows I can’t stand another title going to Manchester United.

  13. Mr Angry says:

    @ annabelle


    @ wolfinho

    Who gives a shit? you’l be stripped of about 8 or 9 league tittles once the F.A. discover all the paycheques that fergie has given the refs! anyway we our very own EUROPEAN CUP/CHAPIONS LEAGUE TROPHY in our cabinet coz weve won it FIVE TIMES! and youve got shit!

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