Sky Sports Pundit Gary Neville Delivers Incredible Critique Of Diving In Modern Game (Video)

Chris Wright

17th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Doing his bit over on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, Gary Neville absolutely did the business last night – delivering a passionate, eloquent sermon on the ‘diving epidemic’ that is so entrenched in the modern game.

You may not agree with all of the Neviller’s sentiments (for instance, we’d argue that the fact that it’s a widespread practice doesn’t necessarily make it a forgiveable practice), but you can’t argue with the quality and delivery of his analysis. Sky really are getting their money’s worth out of him in his debut season…

Putting the two Alans to shame with every single syllable.

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  1. Tom says:

    Bloody genius.

  2. Maccer says:

    It’s absolutely majestic the skill he has on his Gary Neville Touch Screen Machine. He’s an honest fellow

  3. Mr Sensible says:

    Hansen is bored and lazy, Shearer is just a boring retard. Who’s annoying even more at the moment is another Alan, Alan Smith, possibly even more boring than Shearer but also says the most pointless, obvious crap all the time when commentating.

    Neville has been a breath of fresh air and for any United fan it isn’t surprising at all. The man is passionate about football as well as an intelligent man, he also doesn’t give a shit about pleasing others or coming out with boring soundbites like Shearer.

  4. macd says:

    very good analysis on the issue. He’s turned into a bit of a football sage that Neville

  5. Fredmeister says:

    The best thing about this was that at the same time, Stan Collymore on talksport was having an absolute meltdown in reaction to it.

    He was letting emotions and tribalism overrule any thought on the matter and just hooted and honked away, like everyone else seems to.

  6. Tony Yeboah's Libido says:

    Always disliked him but, dammit, I’m starting to respect him…!

  7. Dan says:

    Will always be a cunt

  8. Coolie says:

    As the attacker if you move your leg in order to make contact and to go down it is cheating, no doubt about it. Mark Davies is hard done by in the first 3 clips shown, he didnt not move his leg to the contact like Young and Dzeko

  9. Fredmeister says:


    “This has come in in the last 20 years with the influx of foreign players.”

    One name: Franny Lee

  10. Chimpo says:

    have to say he is quite good but wait til a few Liverpool morons get on here….

  11. Matt says:

    Self-interested Manc though no?

  12. Alan says:

    I have developed a newfound respect for this man over the past month or so.. Sky has struck gold..

  13. kiwwi says:

    pure masterpiece

  14. Redskywalker says:

    F***ing legend. He’s always been one of my alltime footballing heroes

    To everyone jumping on the Bash United bandwagon earlier in the week: Put that in your boat and float it.

  15. Inno says:

    Liverpool fan. Hated him on the pitch but as a pundit? Love him. Speaks sense, doesn’t over react, doesn’t go too far, and a nice line in common sense. Feel dirty for it, but I like him.

  16. Stewart says:

    Why has it taken so long for someone who knows about football to start talking honestly to the fans as if they know something about football as well? Hansen and Shearer sneer their way through their Mickey Mouse analysis with side-long glances at each other as if to say, ‘These mugs will swallow any old shit from a famous player.’ And that whole business of, ‘Let me tell you, he should be looking along the line, when we played at Liverpool we used to…etc etc blah blah fucking blah.

  17. Dan says:

    he was still a twat during both chelsea/benfica match

  18. Al says:

    Have to agree with @ Inno, as a liverpool fan I am preprogrammed to hate him for obvious reasons but since he got on the TV I have a grudging respect for him and enjoy his punditry the most and I als feel firty as a result.

    @ redskywalker – put what in our boat and float it? That an ex united player is a good pundit? I fail to see what that has to do with united bashing or has any relevance to united at all really

  19. Bozza says:

    One of the few times that Gary dived as he said it himself:

    But i dont think he can argue that he was expecting the contact there coz he jumped over Andy Reid first then fell, it’s just a blatant dive and he tried to cheat at the time.
    (He couldn’t have put this in his analysis tho coz it would contradict everything he said)

  20. Bof says:

    A good piece of analysis. Same as the one about Barcelona’s playing style he delivered not too long ago.

  21. Tom Jones says:

    What a dimwit. Never a penalty. Young stands on the defenders foot and then dives.

  22. Mr. Sparkle says:


    No one is jumping on any bandwagon, United are simply the most hated team in England. More so than Chelsea, or Arsenal or Liverpool for that matter. You either support them or you hate them, theirs no in between.

  23. Greg says:

    20 years ago you went into a restaurant and all you got was a knob of butter, now theres olives, oil and vinegar! foreign invasion gone mad!

    haha, was quality last night. top punditry!

  24. KKK says:

    What I saw in the analysis is that in the BPL the Latin players get fouled and booked for diving (Suarez, Tevez), while the British players dive and get penalties. And the Latin players are the ones that get the bad reputations when the likes of SAF declare them to be divers.

  25. Degs says:

    Can’t stand him, but he’s been an improvement on Andy Gray (which wasn’t difficult).

    He’s talking shite about diving though, but he probably doesn’t want to upset his ex-teammates.

  26. Kim says:

    How can you say he doesn’t want to upset his ex-teammates? He’s put Gerrard and Beckham on the screen showing them both dive – and he’s played with both of them!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan and I’m starting to like Neville. What is this madness?

  28. danny says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan and I’ve always liked Neville. Welcome to sanity pal.

  29. danny says:

    Wonder If when that other Neville calls it a day we may have both? Arguing over the touchscreenamajig like they were still ten. mind boggled.

  30. Vincent Cole says:

    I disagree with him to some extent.

    Football is a contact sport.

    Otherwise it’s going to get like basketball or dare I say it, snooker.

  31. Dave says:

    He really does know what he’s talking about

  32. Moxey says:

    As a Liverpool fan, I would love to say dear old “Ratboy” is a crap pundit.
    But I just can’t because I agree with him on most points. He has been a good addition to the Sky coverage.
    Although I don’t think he works quite as well on commentary.

  33. el_gilbo says:

    Again a LFC fan who is begining to tollerate and digest the noise which comes out of his little rat face,but this rant/insight was on the back of protecting a manc player, and states what deep down we all know.

  34. Professor Erno Breastpinchd says:

    How long have Lawro and Hansen been on MOTD boring everyone’s tits off? Get some fresh blood in like Neville

  35. andrei says:

    Messi didn’t ask for a penalty as opposed to Beckham, Gerrard and Lampard.

  36. muppets says:

    8.55 the guy recording it says ‘suarez’ in the background

  37. Phil says:

    Messi may not have asked for a penalty but he definitely dove. I think the best thing you can do is mitigate a possibly bad decision by a referee. And for that, you just reduce the impact of any one decision. I think players who are sent off should be substituted(assuming a team still has substitutions available). A player has a different calculus. He faces the increased likelihood of getting booked himself, and the fact that the reward is much smaller

    I think the consequence of this is that referees will hand out cards more freely, since the consequences of them getting it wrong will be lower. Its’ one thing to send a player off in the 90th minute, but another thing to send him off in the first half of a 0-0 – I’m looking at you Mr. Balotelli. Then, you retroactively mitigate or punish. If the referee got it wrong on the red, then the federation can dismiss the card. If the referee didn’t adequately punish, then you retroactively punish. Simply recognize that referees will get things wrong and that will adversely affect the match. Don’t let it.

  38. Amire says:

    I still think Neville is a tad bias towards Manchester United.

  39. Stiff says:

    Liverpool fan. Absolutely hated the cunt as a player, however one of my favourite pundits by far.

  40. Applesauce says:

    If I hear you Brits use the phrase “made the most of it” one more time, I’m gonna freak.

    Next time you’re about to utter those words, just say he “made a douche of himself”. It sounds less neutral. Less pussy, if you will.

    I can’t believe you clones are buying Neville’s bullshit. I’m pretty sure disingenuously deceiving the referee in an attempt to further your own plight is the very definition of cheating.

    Gary Neville, by far the cuntiest of the Neville brothers.

  41. unitedtillidie says:


    Oh look, a yank who thinks they know everything about football by putting forth controversial opinions. Awww, how cute. Also saying “made the most of it” instead of “made a douche of himself” not only makes us sound a lot more educated and literate than you, but also doesn’t make us sound like we’re a 12 year old. Please, for your own sake, fuck off.

  42. lurker says:

    i’d prefer retroactive reviews producing stiff financial penalties, donated to charity.

    really liked the bit about lining up on wednesday to take a penalty.

  43. Col says:

    Well said unitedtillidie, that response was necessary.

  44. kkt says:

    haha an advocator of douche. there’s a first.

  45. Applesauce says:

    Ah yes, nothing says literacy like recycling a cliche to the point where the words have lost their meaning. If you weren’t a Manc, perhaps I’d listen to your condescending bullshit. But alas.

  46. Dusty says:

    Lol. America.

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