Gary Neville’s ‘Hotel Of Dreams’ Gets The Go Ahead Despite Opposition From Man Utd

Alan Duffy

11th, May 2012


By Alan Duffy

Since making the move from the pitch to the TV studio, GNev has instantly become one of the best football pundits out there. However, the Red Devils legend also fancied himelf as a bit of a hotel magnate. The former England man planned to use the proceeds from last year’s testimonial game at Old Trafford to build a £20million, 139-bed hotel and supporters club  right next to the so called ‘Theatre of Dreams’.

Alas, the club he represented for the entirety of his playing career weren’t too happy about the plans, saying:

“MUFC have a strategic plan for the continuing enhancement of the area surrounding the stadium and this holistic vision includes hospitality, conference, retail and visitor facilities.

“The provision of third party facilities such as those proposed could undermine this vision to the detriment of its deliverability.”

However, in new which is sure to irk the club, the local council have given Neville’s hotel the go-ahead. A delighted GNev said:

“The hard work begins now to deliver this exciting project and development to the fans.”

Building work will begin at the start of next year with plans for the hotel to open in 2014.

Footballing legend, top-class TV pundit and now hotelier – is there no end to the man’s talents?

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  1. Milkchew says:

    Almost as ugly as the new Man Utd shirt and his rat face. Now, the new Liverpool kit, thats a love story in clothing form.

  2. Mr. Angry says:

    its gonna be a right shithole!

  3. Redskywalker says:

    Legend, but I’m a little surprised the proceeds of the match didn’t go to charity instead, tbh

  4. Toji says:

    I thought the same as Redskywalker. =S

  5. Graham says:

    You would think a Liverpool fan would adore a “rat face”.
    Or maybe the scousers don’t pay mind to their faces when they’re eating ’em.

  6. Milkchew says:


    Well now thats just nasty pigeon holing an entire city. Maybe a United fan should take a walk around Moss Side and then see what is before them….oh wait Man Utd fans arnt from Manchester or ever been there so meh.

  7. tonys says:

    I think it’s a good plan. And screw the glazers’ plans.

  8. gingham says:

    What a right asshole milkchew is. FFS you’re so obsessed with hate, you’ve nothing non-moronic to say other than compliment that piece of shit lacrosse warrior kit? on a manchester united related page? what a joke of an excuse of a human being you are

  9. Michael says:

    I’m a City fan, and I love the idea. Gary Neville’s the only Utd player I respect, because his contributions to the modern game and its supporters are immense.

    Good work GNev!

  10. el_gilbo says:

    @gingham Milkchew raised some valid pionts, in that neville is a rat faced scumbag and the new LFC kit is snazzy as f*#K. I must add however that its SHREWd business play, as the the rat hole will rake it in from foriegn fans

  11. lfc_man says:

    I’d say a Man Utd legend more than a “footballing legend”. Hotel is a good idea, not so sure about the name.

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