‘I Made Up My Mind’ – Big Tart Eden Hazard Finally Decides On Summer Destination (Possibly Chelsea?), But He Isn’t Telling…

By Chris Wright

After a spending a good couple of months releasing a steady slew of salacious soundbites and titillating Twitter teasers (including telling all and sundry that he was house hunting in Cheshire), Lille’s queen of tarts, Eden Hazard, seems to have finally decided which club he’s to join this summer – with Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea thought to be the three names vying for his services…

Both L’Equipe and Eurosport are both reporting that Hazard is all set to to agree a €40 million move to Chelsea on a five-year contract worth €125,000-a-week per week, but the man himself is saying nothing…

Such a little hussy.

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  1. Milkchew says:

    Used to like Hazard before all this. Guy just is a merc.

  2. alan says:

    man seems like a prick

  3. chimpo says:

    he seems like a moneygrabbing tool

    welcoem to chelsea mate

  4. Si says:

    I dislike him already.

  5. Huey Freeman says:

    Hazard’s been pissing me off with his guess where I’m going publicity bullsh*t. If it was Messi or Ronaldo, I would tolerate because it’s Messi and Ronaldo. I don’t think he’s that good to warrant all this hype. Shut the f*ck up and move already

  6. Toz says:

    The guy was always a tool, he didn’t suddenly become one.

  7. Humding says:

    His French tweet suggests he’s going to tell everyone this afternoon. Drumroll…

  8. abhi_gooner says:

    Some Eden Hazard quotes

    “Its my dream to play for Arsenal or Real Madrid.” – 2009-2010
    “I think the time is right for me to leave Lille” – June 2011
    “I had always decided to continue playing for Lille for AT LEAST two more years” – August 2011
    “I might leave in Jan transfer window. I have done all I can for Lille” – Jan 2012
    “I have decided to stay at Lille” – A week after the above statement
    “I will play in manchester next season”
    “Chelsea is an ‘interesting’ option” – 2 days after CL final.

    What a glory hunting twat.

  9. garza says:

    So the LeBron of football, but, as yet largely unproven, worse. Does his announcement come with an hour-long variety show too?

  10. SL says:

    He sounds like a right cock. Im sure he will fit right in at Chelsea.

  11. West End Blues says:

    To be fair if he was just a mercenary he would have just signed for PSG, who were offering him far more than chelsea are, but his loyalty to Lille prevented that. The guy clearly thinks highly of himself and I for one am excited to find out whether he is worth all the annoying flirtatious behaviour.

    @ abhi_gooner I think you’re a little confused mate; ‘glory hunting twat’ is an insult for a fan not a player. In essence you are just calling calling him ambitious, which isn’t really a character flaw. All those years without any silverware has clearly made you hate anyone who wants to achieve something in football.

  12. sleeba says:

    oh great! Another reason to hate us Blues. Bring on the Hulk, another self effacing knob biscuit.

  13. abhi_gooner says:

    @ West End Blues –
    ” The project at PSG interests me. I can’t say anything now but you never know ” – Eden Hazard.

    As for being bitter, yep I am, but not for the lack of trophies but rather the way some players have used Arsenal as a stepping stone to fulfill their ‘ambitions’ (Ad*****r, Na$ri).
    I can guarantee you that Hazard will be off to Spain in 2 years’ time

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