Step This Way To Watch Wayne Rooney Poleaxe Himself With A Blindfold Kick-Up (Video)

Chris Wright

29th, March 2013


By Chris Wright

This following video sees former Manchester United strike partnership extraordinaire Andrew Cole and Dwight Yorke test the club’s current batch of forwards, Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez, to see just how telepathic their partnerships are.

Which is all well and good, but the real reason we’re posting it is, a minute or so in, Rooney poleaxes himself by clouting a blindfolded kick-up into his own face (he also scores a pretty darn impressive volley to even things out).

It’s truly magical…

(Video: Bwin)

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  1. porcelain sandwich says:

    Cole and Yorke are adorable. I expect the next installment to feature the next up-and-coming strike force at Man Utd – van Persie and Bebe.

  2. Jester says:

    Anti United on this site all day and night on this site – why don’t you knobs include the fact that he absolutely hammered a volley top corner – blindfolded? Always takin the piss out of United..

    Keep the dust off of our coattails, will ya?

  3. KingB3113 says:

    @Jester What? I thought this site was meant to be anti-Liverpool, which is it then?

  4. Jester says:

    @kingb311 it’s anti everyone – pro city

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