Modern Football Is Rubbish: Paul Pogba Becomes First Player To Be Given His Own Twitter Emoji

Chris Wright

13th, January 2017

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We’re not entirely sure how illustrious this really is, but Paul Pogba has become the first footballer to be gifted his very own emoji.

The honour was bestowed on the Manchester United midfielder by Twitter, which means that a little image of Pogba’s shorn head will pop up anytime anybody uses the designated #Pogba hashtag.

Of course, it was left to the man himself to test it out for the first time…

Depending on whether you’re under 12-years old or not, this is probably the greatest or more depressing thing you’ve ever seen.

Either way, try not to let it affect you unduly.

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what Roy Keane would have made of Pogba having 15 haircuts a week and all the tweeting, if they’d have played in the same era…….

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