Little Pea ‘Chicharito’ Is A Bit Tasty

Ollie Irish

11th, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

It’s acceptable, compulsory even, to hate Gary Neville or Sir Alex Ferguson. But not the Little Pea, who has become a cult hero at Old Trafford in no time. It’s understandable: he’s fricking adorable. Look at his face, just look at his little face! How can you hate a face like that? You can’t. It’s like hating Michael J Fox. Impossible.

Chicharito is one of those players who all fans warm to. He plays with a huge grin – and he even kisses his badge when he scores with his FACE. Awesome. I think Berbatov wants to keep him as a pet.

But will Hernandez turn out to be a United goal machine with the deadly instincts of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – another United player who everyone liked – or will he struggle with the sheer bulkiness of the Prem? I suspect the former. The early signs are good, anyway.

So welcome to the Premier League, Mr Small Garden Vegetable. We’re happy to have you, for you are a bit tasty.

Thanks to Pete Berry (a United fan, for his sins) for the image spot. You deserve a Spotter’s Badge, Pete: