Anderson Has ‘Incredible Talent’ But Lacks Maturity – Alex Ferguson

Ollie Irish

20th, August 2010


FERGIE had some interesting stuff to say about Anderson, United’s forgotten man:

“Anderson has an incredible talent. He loves training and playing. He wants to play every game and train every day.

“But that is a problem for me because at 22 he has not got the maturity to understand we operate a squad here.

“When he does understand that, he will be a fantastic player here but last season he was talking about leaving because he was not playing in every game.

“I didn’t talk to him about leaving [the club]. I just let him get it out of his system.

“Maybe the [cruciate knee] injury has quelled the storm in his body because he came back here with the same enthusiasm and has been telling me he is ready to play.

“Everyone has seen the quality in his game and he will get his opportunity.”

Tough love from Fergie, but I think it’s the right way to deal with Anderson, who has all the talent in the world but has also shown a blatant lack of professionalism.

Anderson should be ready to make his comeback for United in the next couple of weeks. I look forward to seeing how he fares. Will he knuckle down or switch to ‘sulk’ mode after a couple of games on the bench? I hope it’s the former. As Fergie says, Anderson must get to grips with the concept of squad football.

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  1. Well lets see in front of him there was Ronaldo, but still its Valencia, Nani, Scholes, and Giggs, hes gonna warm the bench. He does have skill, and coach said it right, he needs to mature, hes only 22.

  2. Mr T says:

    Thanks Ollie. For once you ain’t talking shit about this player. Of course he have been unprofessional, but be he have a lot of talent.

    He won best U-21 player in 2008, a price that players like van der Vaart, Wayne Rooney, Messi, Fabregas, Aguero and Pato have won.

    He has a relative good debut season for United, and showed mental strength by scoring a goal in the Champions League final against Moscow. His playing style is something new, and his pace when he raids is amazing. Under United he has been a more defensive player and are playing a box-to-box role. I believe his best offensive. But the lad has great physics so he could be the new Makelele.

  3. Mr. Angry says:


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