Man Utd 1-2 Juventus: Gary Neville’s Testimonial – Phil Calls Gary A ‘Knob’, David Beckham Tackles Pitch Invader (Video & Photos)

By Chris Wright

Seems like Red Nev’s testimonial at Old Trafford last night was chock-full of fun and frolics…

Highlights (you need to see Juventus’ second goal – a blinding freekick from Manuel Giandonato)…


Farewell comrade, do svidaniya.

Photos: PA

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  1. chimpo says:

    was becks giving giggs some tips on how do get away with it better?

  2. Dan says:

    Those video’s just show how bad United fans are. All they can do is hold colored material above there heads. I mean they even took there time to start singing out “There’s only one David Beckham” Who’s testimonial was it again?

  3. dave says:

    nice to see beckham in a utd shirt once again!

  4. dave says:


    Becks is Neville’s best friend, I doubt he would be unhappy about that. It just show that united fans have a real appreciation of history and tradition.

  5. syndex says:

    nice to see bebe,beckham,obertan and gibson in a united shirt for the last time

  6. leppystew says:

    @syndex – we can only hope

  7. daz says:

    krasic and phil neville held hands for an unnecessary amount of time there ;)

  8. Chris also says:

    @daz Maybe it’s just their shared affinity for bleach that bonds them.

  9. The Yank says:

    It was lovely seeing Becks in the red of Manchester once again. Juve’s goals were brilliant, I’ve no problem losing to beauties like that. The pitch invader was only like 12 years old, just thought I should mention that. Overall, a great night for a great player.

  10. CFC_Jay says:

    lol, i have no sound at the mo…….that top video with the neville’s ‘not’ shaking hand………surely that was some sort of joke between the two brothers??

  11. Andrew Thompson says:

    hate nevilla, but cant deny he was a great pro…just like super ryan giggs

  12. Pete says:

    Have to say, he’s the one player in utd’s long and illustrious history that I’d love to run over with a bus, but all credit to the guy, he’s lasted longer than most would have thought, he’s deserves his day in the sun, and it shows when you’ve got a manager like Alex you can, even on limited talent achieve success, which in fairness says more abut fergie’s talent than it does Gary’s. still well done Neville. glad to see the back of you.

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