Snapshot: Rio Ferdinand Carries Signed ‘Postcards’ Of Himself At All Times, Hands Them Out To Poor And Needy

Chris Wright

30th, June 2011


By Chris Wright

@RioFerdy5 is in Indonesia at the moment and, upon spotting a plum-tuckered soul asleep on the floor at Jakarta airport, decided to lend the poor guy a helping hand by dispensing one of the many signed postcards of himself (in trademark ‘merk’ pose) that we can only assume he carries around with him at all times – y’know, in case of an emergency.


Image: @RioFerdy5

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  1. Kevin says:

    big headed cu*t

  2. CFC_Jay says:

    what is with that pose he does in that signed photo?? yes Rio, nice to know you have a hand with 4 fingers and 1 thumb…..! Bit of a Douche aye!! LoL!

  3. Chris says:

    @CFC_Jay: We assume it’s a ‘Big 5’ he’s holding up, as in ‘RioFerdy5’.

  4. Petty Pete says:

    …or maybe it is for the 5 Premiership titles that he has won?

  5. Dan says:


  6. Alfie says:

    the thought of Rio as some sort of Robin Hood/Zorro like character leaving only postcards of himself pleases me

  7. Hasselhof says:

    If I were as handsome as Rio, I too would be handing out pictures of myself. I wonder if he told the fellow “keep a stiff upper lip!”

  8. nickooo says:

    @Dan – good one that mate……………..


  9. samhumphreys says:

    Rio Ferdinand actually has a magazine called ‘5’. Hence the pose.

  10. Montesquieu says:

    The guy obviously not heard of stay on your feet, because he doesn’t have a job, a home, or more importantly. The Interwebs.

  11. Balls-2-U says:

    “A ho decided to have a picture of Wayne Rooney and Ryan Giggs tattooed on either of her inner thighs. She then offers her customers a shot at winning a free blow job if they can guess who the “MUFC stars are”. An old man comes up to try his luck and finally decides: “I’m not too sure about them two on the sides but the one with the big lips and curly hair in the middle is definitely RIO FERDINAND!”

  12. Miles says:

    utter nob

  13. chimpo says:

    im torn betwixt loathing and laughter

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