Brondby Coach Resigns After Chairman Confesses To Using Online Pseudonym To Heckle Him

Chris Wright

10th, March 2016

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The slightly haunted-looking chap you see afore ye is Brondby coach Thomas Frank – or to be perfectly exact, former Brondby coach Thomas Frank.

You see, Frank has walked away from the Danish top-flight side after his own chairman used a pseudonym to criticise him on an online fan forum.

Frank decided to up sticks and leave after local media confirmed that Brondby’s chairman and major shareholder, Jan Bech Andersen, used his son’s account to post negative remarks about the coach on the SydSiden Online website.

Andersen has since confessed and apologised, though it didn’t stop Frank from announcing his resignation at a press conference on Wednesday.

It is no secret that the relationship between Jan and me has been strained from time to time, and after the last days of massive media attention, he and I had a talk.

Based on that talk, I have chosen to end the cooperation.

Yep. We think that’s just about fair enough, don’t you?

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1 Comment

  1. Russ says:

    The Internet – making idiots out of billionaires since 1995.

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