Dutch Deceit: Ajax Defender Joël Veltman Fools Opponent By Pointing To Injured Player Before Dribbling Away (Video)

Alan Duffy

12th, February 2017


For those bemoaning the end of real sportsmanship in football, the Dutch Eredivisie produced another moment of gamesmanship during Ajax’s clash with Sparta Rotterdam.

The incident occurred on the right flank, when Joël Veltman had the ball at his feet. Seeing one of his teammates on injured on the floor, the defender stopped and pointed at the crocked player, before cheekily dribbling away down the wing while his opponent looked away.

Pretty dismal (if somewhat amusing) behaviour there!

The game, which ended in a 2-0 win for home side Ajax, with Chelsea loanee Bertrand Traoré netting a solo beaut.

The win sees the Amsterdam giants Ajax go five points behind league leaders Feyenoord. Hopefully the Dutch authorities will give the cheeky Veltman a firm slap on the wrist.

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  1. Jarren says:

    If this goes unpunished it is another step towards football becoming theatre.

  2. Sir John Barrymore says:

    It IS theater! That’s why I watch it, ie: pick any derby. People profess to live or die by them.

  3. Paul says:

    100% prick move for sure… But punishing a player for that, I think not. A hard tackle will sort that kind of behaviour out – Souness would oblige

  4. Walter Eagle says:

    Who was the idiot that turned round to look? What ever happened to “play to the whistle”?
    Overall, I’d say make football more like Rugby League in the injuries area. A player can get treatment any time, anywhere, on the field, but PLAY CONTINUES REGARDLESS. If you’ve got mincing little diddums who drop to the floor at the bat of an eyelash, fine. But their side is now playing with 10 men until he’s better or replaced.

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