Portsmouth Survive, Wayne Rooney And Pot Noodles, FIFA 10 Idiots, Liverpool Want Flamini

Ollie Irish

5th, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

Some fine football content that caught my eye today:

TOP LINK The worst kind of online opponents on FIFA 10 – Three and in

Portsmouth win latest survival battle – BBC

There’s only one Debt in Fulham – Swiss Ramble

Name that England WAG’s pink bottom – Goaly Moly

Wayne Rooney found comfort in a Pot Noodle – The Spoiler

Javier Hernandez, lusted after? – Kickette

Man City forget about Balotelli, go after Diego Forlan – Caught Offside

Liverpool add Mathieu Flamini to shopping list – Mirror

Football security, Korean style – Dirty Tackle

The Guardian launched a Football League blog – Guardian

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  1. Ryan Kam says:

    As a Liverpool fan, I’d much rather pick up Mathieu Flamini than Christian Poulsen. Flamini was always a player who I’d watch closely while he was at Arsenal and his ability to play as a fullback would be quite useful for the oft-injured team.

    That being said, Steven Defour would be a dream pickup for the Reds. Defour has an offensive aspect to his game that Mascherano never had or will have, and he’s able to fill in as any center midfield position. He’d obviously be better suited as a box to box CM, but he’s not a bad pickup to pair with someone who tends to take a more offensive role like Aqua. Especially if we cash in on Lucas.

  2. Ollie says:

    Ryan, I totally agree. As a Spurs fan, I’d take Flamini over Poulsen any day.

  3. deckard says:

    i seriously wonder how poulsen made it this far as a professional footballer. the guy’s as wooden as can be. flamini i rate highly, he’s far too under appreciated at milan. probably cos of their hierarchy bullshit which says gatusso>ambrosini>flamini. should be other way around.

  4. Montesquieu says:

    I thought the bin dippers were skint and couldn’t afford anyone…

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