FIFA Dumpling Sepp Blatter Finally Backs Goal-Line Technology

Chris Wright

14th, January 2011


By Chris Wright

“Aw, c’mon. Don’t be a total ballbag Michel!”

After months – nay, years of growing clamour, FIFA president Sepp Blatter has finally seen the light and backed calls for goal-line technology to be introduced.

The Swiss dumpling told CNN that if he is presented with a system that ‘works’, then he and his organisation will  press ahead with plans to integrate it into the game as soon as possible, despite what old fuddy-duddy Michel Platini would have you believe:

“My position is that if they work then we will do it. If there is one of these systems that is accurate and immediate, and also not too complicated, then I think goal-line technology has a good chance to be accepted (by the International FA Board).

“If it works, the board will say ‘Yes’, even if they’re conservative.

“Platini is totally against any technical device because he’s afraid that when we are in the goal-line technology we could (introduce plans for similar systems) on the 18-yard line or the offside position or whatever, but for the time being we are talking about only goal-line technology.”

About. Farkin’. Time. Now about that pesky 2022 World Cup…

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  1. Davy says:

    Does anybody else find it amazing that Platini ever used to actually play the game? He seems that fuckin distant from any sense of it!! Thing is not only play the game but be fuckin boss at it…. He sucks balls

  2. Dan says:

    I understand the whole “poor nations couldn’t afford the tech” argument, but for tournaments that bring in billions of pounds/euros/dollars/clams that FIFA and similar organizations refuse to pay tax on there should be no excuse for not wanting to be certain about this sort of thing. Either a ball micro chip or have a terminal that the 4th official sits at with a camera in the goal posts – 2 seconds of rewinding to see if it crossed the line. If play needs to be stopped for up to a minute, just tag it on to stoppage time. The argument against ‘playstation football’ baffles me; why wouldn’t you want a fair decision. Oh wait I remember, Henry handballs twice to get Platini’s home France qualified for the world cup…

  3. MR .T says:


  4. spectator says:

    i still think he’s only trying to appear as though he’s considered it. i’m waiting for the dubious explanations of why none of the systems work.

  5. Kevin Barry says:

    It’s not goal-line technology that most refs need but optical technology, a little common sense and a lot less Hitler like attitudes.
    There is a campaign for respect of refs, but respect has to be earned and has to be a two way thing!!!!

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