Newcastle Fan Given Banning Order After Botching Celebration With Aleksandar Mitrovic During Sunderland Derby

Chris Wright

22nd, March 2016



It’s with a heavy heart that we’re forced to tell you that the Newcastle fan who contributed to one of the greatest, most icon sporting images of our time has been hit with a football banning order for his troubles.

The fan in question, John West, 35, has been handed an interim banning order for going into the playing area of a designated football match by Northumbria Police.

West charged onto the pitch to celebrate Newcastle’s 80th-minute equaliser against Sunderland at St James’ Park on Sunday afternoon, only for a slight breakdown in communications with goalscorer Aleksandar Mitrovic to cause the emotional clinch to go horribly, horribly wrong…

A spokesman for Northumbria Police confirmed:

Mr West was handed an interim football banning order until his first appearance at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court on 6th April.

The police also confirmed that 20 arrests were made in connection with the game over the course of the afternoon, including four inside the stadium.

Thankfully, however, no horses were thumped this time around.