Which Football Club Do You Hate The Most?

Ollie Irish

21st, January 2011


By Ollie Irish

“Oh we hate (insert club here), and we hate (insert club here)… we are the (insert club here) haters”

There’s an awful lot of naked hatred in football, but as long as it doesn’t spill over into violence it’s not such a bad thing. Great rivalries are fueled by hatred, many brilliant chants are rooted in hatred etc. etc.

We all have hate figures in the game, but what about a hate club? Local rivals are on obvious place to start, but as great as my support of Tottenham is, I’ve never been able to truly hate the Woolwich Wanderers. No, the team I hate above all others is… Chelsea. I just can’t abide those west London Blues, with their new money, and epitomised by the ghastly John Terry. But that’s just me. I’m sure plenty of Chelsea fans hate Spurs with a demonic intensity – and the world still turns.

So, get it off your chest: which football team do you hate the most, and why?

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  1. jonowev says:

    Being a Hull fan, Leeds. Simple as. And we’re playing them a week on Tuesday! WHO AREEEEEEE YA!

  2. Ollie Irish says:

    Leeds love being hated too.

  3. Gibby says:

    Celtic !!! They’re green we’re Blue. Nothing sectarian about it just we’re out and out rivals. They love to see us get beat and we LOVE to see them get beat. I even hate the colour green in any aspect whether it be clothing, food, cars i’d even say i go BLUE with envy !!! and i can’t stand this ‘everybody’s against us’ shite they keep coming out with, especially these last few months. Plus that scowling, ginger, ratbag, terrahawk lookalike manager Mr Lennon. Wid never tire of slapping that screwed up chavvy/ned face…………….. cue the replies.

  4. Mizman says:

    Liverpool – bin dippers

  5. nuninuninu says:

    Real Madrid. And Manchester United.

  6. Jimbo says:

    Man City. scum council estate bastards

  7. babo says:

    Burnley. Simple really. Inbreds.

  8. ted says:

    Chelsea. Terry, Cole and Drogba being at the same club makes it a very simple decision. I hate them and everything they stand for.

  9. Baggees says:

    Wolves of course…nasty strip adds to the distaste oh and bloody STOKE.. Hoof!!

  10. Rich says:

    gotta be city

  11. Bham17 says:

    Aston Villa & Manchester United!!!

  12. davey_lad says:

    As a Sunderland fan it would be easy, and to be honest, blatantly obvious to say Newcastle. I think the question should read “Which Football Club do you hate most.. except the bloody obvious?”

    in which case i would have to say… Crystal Palace. I hate the owner, i hate their ground (mainly cos i can never find it when driving there) and I hate the fact they cheated us out of a Championship play-off final spot a few years ago… Mick McCarthy & Mike Parry will back me up on that. Mart Poom was clearly fouled!! twats

  13. Grant says:

    Liverpool. Sense of entitlement and total delusion about where they are as a club. Wake up folks, it’s been a long time since the 70s and 80s.

  14. Jon says:

    Via local rivalries, Atherstone Town, Nuneaton Town and Burton Albion.

    However for general dickery, Man City and Real Madrid.

  15. shay says:

    Liverpool by a mile. At the end of that mile Barcelona.

  16. Dan says:

    Totthenham. Reason? Harry Redknapp.

  17. I don’t hate teams.
    At least, I can hate some managers (like Mancini… I’m italian but I hate how he plays), some players…

  18. Manchester City, the bitter, deluded feckers.

    And Liverpool. The phlegm-filled feckers.

  19. Abukuba says:

    I don’t hate Cardiff I just really really want to see them FAIL! While the Swans soar!

  20. Markell says:

    Manchester United. I hate those rag wearing, scum eating, swamp dwelling bastards. Anyone support them even remeber the 1980’s?

  21. Kippax says:

    The rags – a club from just outside Manchester with fans with cockernee accents

  22. Pedro says:

    FC Porto. Cheating, disgusting, nasty, treacherous, conniving, loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed, uncouth, illiterate, inbred, self-important c*nts. God, I hate them.

  23. Mikey says:

    As a Saints fan, it has to be Portsmouth. This year, I’ve developed a strong disliking for Bournemouth, too.

  24. Zoko says:

    I don’t like Arsenal, but they’re not worth hating. Just kids …

    According to this:

    Leeds are the most hated, with MU and Chelsea.

    btw, I hate no one in Britain, I just hate the french club PSG (Paedo Saddo Gay)

  25. Steve says:

    Chelsea and their King of the Chavs leader, John “I will fuck my best mates bird” Terry.

  26. Steve says:

    …and I’m Pompey fan, so I hate that lot in red and white down the road.

  27. Nick says:

    Man City – Dont hate the players. Hate the club and fans. Fans are shallow as fuck. Club buying every player they see is pathetic. A team needs to grow, not be thrown together.

  28. syndex says:

    Not one to buck a trend liverpool, refs will not send gerrard off for anything else than killing another player, carrager is a nasty throwback wanker, torres dives so much he should be poolside at the olympics and kuyt is too good to be playing for such an average team.

  29. Congo says:

    Man U. They ended the invincible run. And Sire Fergie-ferg.

  30. Michael says:

    MU. Being a Yank, they’re like our version of the NY Yankees or Dallas Cowboys. Self-important, smug bastards who never do wrong, always see them selves as antagonized and are beacon to others of “how its done right”. Get f***ed.

  31. Chris says:

    Hard for me to hate an entire club. I’m also a Yank and without growing up in the trenches of rivalries and footy culture I’m left with hatred for specific players, certain coaches, nasty fan bases, and ridiculously delusional and c*nty owners.
    That being said, I kind of hate Chelsea and Newcastle can f*ck off.

  32. mooks says:

    City is a team embodied by money, lack of chemistry, bad additudes, and also make an easy game against Blackpool a battle. But i do love Dzeko

  33. gamblino says:

    Sandwell Town. And the anti-footballers at Stoke.

  34. dennis says:

    Ajax, the egotistical, arrogant, smug bastards with their condescending attitude.

  35. stevepafc says:

    Exeter are not known as the Scum for nothing. Hate them and their horrible little shit hole of a city.
    Away from the local rivals I also hate Burnley (they beat us in 2 vital games in the 90’s!!) oh and obviously Man Utd

  36. Simmo says:

    Crystal Palace… As simple as that.Croydon rejects who think they’re from South London.Always fullof good ideas that go badly wrong… And they have had some of footballs most dispicable people{Ron Noades,Simon Suntan,Neil Warnock to name just a couple } in they’re ranks… Awful mob !

    • South Londoner says:

      Who do you support? Millwall? A club who spent the first QUARTER OF A CENTURY in what was Middlesex in the OTHER side of the river? and who has been long associated with kent….. Who go on about the only real South London side but only gets 12,000 at home? the name as no association with South London whatsoever!

      Or charlton? A club in which apart from eltham and kent no one really supports. I live in Battersea and lived in Lambeth and Merton and you never see their shirts. Dont know a single clown. The club who had to gain support in Kent as no other South Londoner gave to craps about them when they were in the premier league.

      Least we gain suppoet from the OTHER boroughs that converse SE19 unlike charlton who have to look into the garden of England for support. Whats it now 11,000 at home?

  37. gamblino says:

    Yeah Newcastle.. ” Ooh they’re such a big club, a sleeping giant, blah blah blah”. “They deserve to be in the premiership blah blah blah blah” They haven’t won anything for centuries but still get it more than the likes of Leeds, Forest, Derby etc etc. It was fucking amazing when they went down.

  38. Jack says:

    As a Spurs fan I hate Arsenal by default. Outside of that, basically, whichever club Steve Bruce is at.

  39. kelti says:

    rapid vienna and i’m pretty sure some aston villa and celtic supporters feel the same ;)

  40. Gav says:

    The false sense of grandeur at liverpool is something to behold. As an everton fan they are obviously my no.1 hate. So i just hate any team with money, especially spurs…absolute bottomless pit at ‘the lane’, were do they get all their money and how can they afford to pay such huge wages?!?!?

  41. Frank says:

    Liverpool – hate them

  42. Sam Smith 01 says:

    In terms of players that are hate…why are rooney and gerrard not hated as much as a.cole and terry?

  43. Andy Jo says:

    @ Dan 16 – I guess by your comment that you also dislike all sucessfull people then?

  44. James says:

    Real Madrid. Everyone involved with that team is a c*nt.

  45. afdhalslkop says:

    reason = SAF

  46. Celtic6667 says:

    Rangers!!! they are simply just an awful club. It’s to the point that if i randomly meet someone, start talking about football and realize they Rangers supporter, I feel as though i need to question them on how they could bring themselves to support such a team.

    1. Sectarian policy up until the 90s (missed out on Danny McGrain because they thought he was catholic)
    2. Trashing of foreign cities
    3. Bullets being sent to Northern Irish international who play for Celtic
    4. This guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sMSaUErAY4

    Rangers used to be the only team back in the late 19th century that could compete with an all catholic celtic, so protestants just flocked to them as their own. Rangers FC born out of hatred.

    • Hail hail says:

      Well put mate but ye missed there all greedy cheating bastards

      • Hun66 says:

        To the bead rattlers unlike rangers ur mob of paedophile bastards hid the fact that there was child abuse of young innocent boys who wanted to play for a club who granted are just as bigoted and don’t deny it so the comments u pair of arseholes put apply to your selves ya pair of arseholes

  47. Dan 33 says:

    Yank without a hometown club. I would have to say I hate the both of the entire Italian and Spanish leagues. The reason: anytime I watch a game where there’s a foul, which is often because of the diving, it seems like all 22 players on the pitch rush the ref and shout in their moonspeak at him, doing the pantomime card and finger wags. In England, probably Arsenal for similar reasons – acting victimized but statistically one of the most carded teams in the prem. Van Persie’s kit always covered in grass stains from trying to draw forced-perspective free kicks without contact

  48. Shane says:

    Barcelona. Not for their football but for their players bad sporting behaviour and their out and out utter disrespect for teams during the transfer window, and when losing a match.

  49. T says:

    Throughout the football pyrapid system, everyone hates Leeds. Iv been to Man Utd games, Rotherham, Both sheffield clubs, Doncaster, Barnsley and even Bridlington Town and all their fans hate leeds

  50. megaman789 says:

    Manchester United!
    AAH I HATE THEM SOO MUCH!! Its like I feel like Artur Boruc

  51. baem says:

    man city,arsenal,chelsea,barca

  52. mflatley says:

    tottenham-i’m a city fan and they bet us to 4th spot. cant stand them

  53. jonowev says:

    Everyone hates Leeds yes… but we (Hull) actually have a reason to hate them, seeing as we’re currently equally about the best two sides in Yorkshire.

  54. nm says:

    Chelsea and Real madrid

  55. rik says:

    I hate ManU they look like they invent football !!! i think sir alex made a casting to take the most hideous and inintelligent guys !! you’re just insignificant football players (and Barcelona philosophs too) :)

  56. chris says:

    The posters above make me laugh. You obviously know nothing about London and how it works. Palace’s post code is se25. This should tell it’s own story.

    And BTW Mr Mackem, I am sure you do not hate our owner (steve parish) but hate the previous owner, Jordan. Maybe a little fact checking is in order before chatting all this shit?

    As for this retard: ‘Crystal Palace… As simple as that.Croydon rejects who think they’re from South London.Always fullof good ideas that go badly wrong’

    again, se25! se25! you do know what the SE stands for, right? South east of what exactly? Croydon has a cr post code. They play in South Norwood, not Croydon. But you obviously know that Croydon is smack bang next to London so Palace are obvioulsy their local club, like people from Cheshire supporting Liverpool, People from Essex supporting west ham etc

    Back on point, I hate Millwall Charlton and Brighton (obivously) but always keep a special place in my heart for Celtic and Liverpool. I hate those 2 clubs with a vengence. Sorry Celtic, which country do you play in? Sorry Liverpool, how many times can you be the victims?

    What’s the difference between a cow and a tragedy? A scouser can’t milk a cow…..

  57. Zach says:

    Chelsea is my least favorite, although Manchester City is now in the running.

    As a Floridian, I reserve actual hatred for rival Latin CONCACAF national teams that are made up of oft-injured sniper victims, divers, floppers, complainers and all around low-lifes.

  58. mike says:

    As a Celtic fan I hate Rangers because of the bigots who follow them,the anti-Catholic policies sanctioned by the club for most of their history don’t help either.

    As far as English teams go I hate Chelsea and Milwall, Chelsea because of the new money and Milwall because they are a bunch of racist fascist bastards

  59. jmike says:

    Barcelona! Self-righteous smug bastards. Only difference between them and city are the number of trophies…which city now can buy.

  60. John says:

    “Oh I hate River Plate, and hate Chelsea… we are the Boca Juniors haters”

  61. Chris says:

    Too easy to say Sunderland you naturally hate your local rivals. It’s the ones that shouldn’t annoy you but persistently do more than any other club.
    For me it’s the anti football of Stoke and any club Fat Sam is destroying at the time you read this.
    There’s fucking Wigan and their inability to fill a stand in the Premier League.
    Nottingham Forest cos Billy Davies is a horrible little shit who never EVER stops moaning.
    Millwall for being wankers!
    Crystal palace for having a dickhead chairman for years who wanted to be on T.V more than the players.
    MK Dons for being a brand, a shill and a prefab football club that the Fa want to be a success so much they are willing to ram it down our necks.
    Darlington for having a stadium 800x too big for them, and thinking they are too good for the blue square even though they were a shambles last season and a joke.
    Torquay are bellends as well
    Celtic AND Rangers, anyone who thinks religion should be a factor in sport is an idiot, and anyone who counts Spl trophies as having any inherent worth is even more so.

    • Aaron says:

      Er mate, religion is a massive part of football. It is the most political sport in the world, and is why clubs built rivalries decades ago. And Celtic/Rangers is not just religious. Its also about the IRA and other left/right wing stuff.

  62. skidoos says:

    Tottenham. A club for wankers.

  63. SeanBCFC says:

    as a blues fan ill hate villa till the day i day. recently though my hatred leaked over to manchester city. can’t stand those loaded pamperped up sulks!

  64. Quincy Jones says:

    Always had a dislike for Newcastle United, possibly the most deluded fans ever.

    What the fuck have they won or even done in the past 40 years that warrants them thinking they are an elite club? Seriously!

    Apart from once having the world record fee (for Shearer who I hate as much as Newcastle) and having cunty owners what do they do?!?!

  65. mandy says:

    if you dont fucking bounce then your a blade! UTO

  66. dannybhoy says:

    Rangers.Sectarian bigots. Always have been. Always will be. It’s what they are. An excuse for a “football” club.

  67. Liam says:

    Man City, Chelsea, United.

  68. RyanSSL says:

    I f*cking hate Roma and Bayern Munich with a passion! What a bunch of Fags! Lazio is the only team of Rome!

  69. Jeremey says:

    As a Bundesliga man, I hate Buyern.

    As a Villa fan, I hate Birmingham.

    As a Football fan, i hate Man City and Liverpool.

  70. McRillen says:

    IFK Gothenburg! And those fucking peasants at Borås, glory hunters and cunts all of them!

  71. nik_korot says:

    I’m russian btw)

  72. Donner Meat says:

    Real Madrid and Leeds

  73. Jen Green says:

    I’m not sure I’m that into hate. Not to sound too lovey-dovey, but I think a game’s a game. I hate losing. I hate bad calls, cheaters, and cheap shots… but I’d rather cheer my team on, than cheer the other team down. At least until they do something to deserve it! :P

  74. Doctor Uncle says:

    As an OB Odense fan I hate FCK (FC Copenhagen). They are an unholy fusion club, created on the smoking ruins of two of DKs oldest and most traditional clubs (KB & B1903). They actually call themselves “Football Club København” (nice blend of english and danish, as if anyone outside DK gave a f***), and now owes their banks and investors upwards of 150.000.000£ for all the championships they have been able to win by buying every good player in DK with their borrowed money.

    In England I hate Chelsea with their smug, Real Madrid-like attitude towards players and money, and the MK Dons for being created on the ashes of Wimbledon FC. Same goes for Red Bull Saltzburg in Austria (the name alone makes me gag).

    And f*** Celtic and Rangers for milking religious strife to become a two-legged giant, pi***** in the face of the other scottish clubs.

  75. Greg says:

    I have quite a few but they regularly change I’ll just reel of a few:
    FC United of Manchester

  76. Mateo says:

    “Barcelona! Self-righteous smug bastards. Only difference between them and city are the number of trophies…which city now can buy.”


    Winning every trophy in the world with a team full of academy players, all the while setting the standard for beautiful football.

    How is that anything like City? Seriously, what are you thoughts before typing out such nonsense?

  77. Ilan says:

    As an Arsenal fan had to agree with the first post by the Spurs fan who hates Chelsea more than he hates us.I hate Chelsea more than Spurs too. A side that for years that had a major NF element among its support is now owned by a mob of Russian gangsters that employes Cashley Cole. Absolute twats. Thank god they have an ageing squad at the time that Roman has decided to tighten the purse strings.

  78. Alexandra says:

    I hate man city the most but real Madrid and Chelsea are a close second And third respectively. I was hoping that man city would fail this season seeing that they bought and traded almost all of their players. Seeing Chelsea lose is sweet xD

  79. dc says:


    -Supported financially and culturally by dictators and royalists for the most part of the 20th century.

    -Feel entitled to be the best team in the world based solely on the success that they bought in previously mentioned 20th century.

    -Currently run by a scumbag, Florentino Perez, who owns Madrid and takes money from the banks/city/government(who belong to the rest of Spain as well) to fund the team. (reference: controversy of Madrid training ground sale to city, grossly inflated pricetag and subsequent building of megatowers on location owned by, you guessed it: Florentino Perez)

    -Complete disregard for good football business practices by buying Fifa Balon d’Or winners and other players/coaches at the top of their game for lots of money from other clubs rather than developing them themselves, leading to *fantastic* team chemistry. See: CRon, Kaka, Cannavaro, Ronaldo, etc.

    -Buying promising players from other clubs to “develop” them, aka make 5 minute sub appearances every once in a while and eventually be traded to (insert bottom half of table club) for 2 million euros. Also including academy graduates who play their entire careers this way See: Sergio Canales, Fernando Gago, Esteban Granero, Raúl Albiol, Ezequiel Garay, Borja, etc.

    -Sense of entitlement (see above)

    -The fact that fans around the world worship them without regard to all the shit that they do simply because a: they buy players like Ronaldo (who is another scumbag despite how good he is) and said fans have a massive boner for him; b: they are a big name club; c: some other unknown ridiculous reason.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,


  80. mike damone says:

    pretty interesting how this post has received the most replies probably ever on this blog… very telling.

    that being said, for me its MU, Chelsea and Rangers.

  81. Jonathan says:

    Liverpool and Seattle Sounders. Both are delusional and feel some sense of entitlement for having accomplished nothing.

  82. The Yank says:

    I despise Chelsea with every fibre of my being. They were nothing before that Russian fuck Roman came along. He chucked his billions into the team and it actually paid off. That is the most infuriating part. They proved you can buy success, an act most unholy. Terry, Lampard, Drogba, the whole lot of them can take it up the ass.

    In second place is City for the same reasons, throwing billions into the club and buying every player they can get their grubby little hands on. The only reason they aren’t in first as well is because they haven’t won anything yet. It shall stay that way too.

    Third is Liverpool. They are our fiercest rivals and the history of the war goes back ages. As a United supporter, I have to say I respect Liverpool because they have a history of success and won their titles properly. I don’t necessarily “hate” them, but as Stevie G once said about United, I “dislike” them. Though, I’d much rather see them at the top than Chelsea and City.

    Nothing would make me happier than to see Chelsea plummet into football oblivion and Stamford Bridge demolished. As for the noisy neighbors, they should shut up until they’ve won something.

  83. Lynz says:

    As a Liverpool fan (and because they’re a bunch of pricks) Manchester United, but aside from them I really can’t stand Newcastle.

  84. Tanya says:

    Liverpool.. Thy think they’re oh so great and also Steven Gerrard. I don’t hate Torres as such but Gerrard needs to drop off the face of the Earth. Lampard is better than Gerrard.

  85. kahhoe says:

    manchester united is a bastard and idiot club!

  86. kahhoe says:

    lampard is shit and idiot player. same as john terry the wife grabber!

  87. Hoops82 says:

    real madrid. man utd. CARDIFF. BRIGHTON. but most of all, an predictably….CHELSEA. SAY WE R QPR SAY WE R QPR.

  88. ninja carroll says:

    arsenal. smug bastards who sit on their pedestal and brag about their ‘proper football’ and look down at every other club on the planet and accuse them of anti-football. arsenal and barca = proper football. every other club = long ball

    arsene wenger is a hypocritical shithead and fabregas is a smug bastard

  89. Del says:

    Chelsea and Fulham. Can’t stand them!

    p.s. it’s a shame Malouda is at Chelsea. He’s such a nice guy!

  90. bomb says:

    man utd…….because of fergi~

  91. Paul Kirkland says:

    Manchester United and Barcelona

  92. bob says:

    manchester city and every one of their money-grabbing players

    mancini is a legend though, shame about his petulant kid players, especially the unjustifiably arrogant piece of shit that is mario ballotelli, twat

  93. ste says:

    Is there anyone over the age of 30 who goes to old Trafford.GLORY BOY WANKERS.

  94. Vic says:

    I can’t stand that cockney team called man utd, they are a cheating, untallented gang of wankers and for some reason 99% of the officials seem to suppot them which accounts for so many home goals and nearly all decisions going in there favor. Also fergie thinks he’s that much of a big lick that he can’t belive it when very occasionally someone dissagrees with him. IT’S not football playing a team with 12 men on the pitch!

  95. Andy says:

    You only hate who you fear which is why so many of you hate Chelsea. We fear no one so i hate no one, bus a bus collision between Manure and Barce(bribe the ref)lona would raise a smile.

  96. Al says:

    Being a Bristol City fan I have to say Bristol Rovers, bless them they still think they can compete with us even though they are a league below us with our reject players. Also despise Cardiff City and Swansea City, I will boycott watching Premier League if those two scummers go up. I’m pretty sure there is a Welsh league so why not leave the English League and join the likes of TNS and Newport.

  97. Jimbo says:

    untalented united players…. 5-0 yeah
    top of the league whilst playing crap…untalented, yeah.

  98. Emmy Mu says:

    people who say they hate Man Utd and Fergie they say that because they know we are the best and we have the best manager in the premier league ;;; also SHITTY ARE SHIT AND THATS A FACT

  99. Josh says:

    As a Liverpool fan it’s quite obvious that I hate Manchester United with a burning passion. BUT one team I cannot stand and just hate is Stoke City.

  100. Dusty says:


    Sectarian signing policy for 100 years.


  101. Sudharshan says:

    Manchester United ! Reason .. Uh .. stupid Fans !!

  102. ilps says:

    Man Unitd!!!

  103. dave says:

    Liverpool its an easy question.Horrible biased bastards with their once famous kop that the media just love{who are mostly hillbillies anyway} and all this “sporting kopites” bollox. Yes theyll clap u off if they have just done u 3-0 but u turn them over and its pure venom youll get. Scruffs.

  104. Scud says:

    Fantasy dream hate club:

    Team: Lehmann,Cole,Neville,Terry,Gallas Bellamy,Gerard,Barton,Diouf,Rooney,Drogba
    Manager: Wenger
    Chairman: Ashley
    Stadium/staff: Stamford Bridge
    Locality: Bermondsey, London SE16
    Kit: All black

    Couldn’t actually think of a particularly loathsome keeper currently in the top divisions – our very own Jussi comes closest in the “great keeper,prick” stakes…..and I couldn’t put him in for obvious reasons – although I have given up making a case for the defence for “Spit” since he took his single brain cell elsewhere.

  105. smith says:

    Liverpool- ’cause they dont come more deluded than Kopites, who probably still think next year they will win the league. And they’ve got Steven Gerrard who is GOD to all referees, and should be in jail

    Man City- too much money now, they think they are it. And feel the need to buy every single player.

  106. Lukas says:

    Borussia Moenchengladbach!!
    Just a bunch of retarded Beetgrowers!

  107. Flo says:

    All teams playing in White: Sp*rs, Leeds, Real Madrid, Marseille, Lyon… and England National Team of course! What a bunch of losers. Best team on paper that never delivers on the pitch.

  108. Not As Fat Sam says:

    Liverpool and Real Madrid.

  109. megwu says:

    Man.United and Stoke City

  110. Lindsey says:

    Barcelona! Just cos

  111. burgy says:

    barcelona…bunch of divers and pansies just looking for big $$$$

  112. Ben says:

    Brilliant! So much hate…despite being a Spurs fan I can’t find it in myself to really hate Arsenal or Chelsea or West Ham for that matter. I’ll probably go with…MK Dons. I object to their existence, which is about as close to hate as I’ll go.

  113. Luke says:

    I think you can find something to hate in every club, even your own nowadays with owners and debt etc… but I find more than something in Man U. Saying that I fucking hate watching fulham play Yaaaaawwwwwwnnnnn

  114. derry rhumba says:




  115. phyrephly says:

    I am a Man United fan and I hate alot of the Man United fans. So many of them have no idea what real football is, they just support the club because they win…

    As for clubs I hate, Chelsea and Man City. Blackburn Rovers are also up there. If a club allows a savage like Diouf to carry on playing for them, they should also be shot.

  116. TravisKOP says:

    FUCK Manchester (scum) United, those whiny, dirty, inbred, wank fucks they call fans are ABSOLUTE trash. Cant stand how i see every bandwagon cock hoping on the Manure train either (Barcelona seems to have plenty of Band wagoners as well).

    FUCK Inter and all Italian football in general

    and FUCK Roy Keane, the obnoxious self entitled prick thinks hes the greatest thing that ever happened to football.

    . . . and fuck Diouf as well, ‘he is nothing to me, Diouf is dog shite.’

  117. ives says:


    hate that club. liverpool and steven gerrard feel entitled when they’re rubbish and divers respectively

  118. Olisoplo says:

    Vallett F.C. Fuckin Assholes

  119. Tinez says:

    Sunderland followed closely by Man United

  120. Miguel - NYC says:

    Franco’s team, aka Real Madrid, Rive Plate…then Chelsea (when they had Mou)

  121. romfordray says:

    As a hardcore Gooner, I have to say that I was taught to dislike Tottenham but to be frank, I find them amusing and entertaining…kind of like a team that is run by your goofy uncle and full of dimwits from council estates. However, I have come to hate the sugardaddy clubs of EPL like Chelsea and Man City.

  122. Jay says:

    HATE – Linfield/IFA
    HATE – Liverpool/living in the past!
    HATE – Celtic/did u actually see the poppy protest? and they call rangers secterian!!!!!

  123. Mr.Hagstrom says:

    Tottenham & Man U…!!!

  124. yeeeeeeeah says:

    Barcelona- Fucking hypocrites

  125. eamogomez says:

    hate cheats clubs not so much Henry- handballs world cup play off, Suarez another handballing cunt vs Ghana and future liverpool player, roy keane attempetd murder on haaland. the few Celtic, rangers, glentoran and linfield supporters who think football is about religion. porto diving scumbags, big cash spending clubs owned by big foreign billionaires, man city real madrid etc., but if a club can slow down their spending and keep successful fair play. diouf scumbag of all proportions. sepp blatter and platini, looking after the big teams. Switzerland because blatters from there. gallas the real incredable sulk. Millwall. Glory supporters.

  126. mike says:

    There can be only 1 team – L**ds

  127. Allie says:

    Man City.

  128. Abby says:

    Definitely Barcelona!

  129. QueerAsFuß says:

    BVB Dortmund! I have to as a Schalke fan. I don’t 100% know why we hate them so much. What I can tell is they apparently beat us fair and square in a championship before I was born. :P

    I also don’t like Barcelona. Just because they rub me the wrong way despite awesome footballing. And I never liked ol’ equine-denta Ronaldinho.

  130. formercelt says:

    As a former supporter of Celtic I have to say i absolutely HATE them. Their sectarian, pro terrorist chants and songs sickened me to the point where i just couldnt support them anymore. Scotlands Shame.

  131. pivs says:

    Easy. Liverpool, bunch of deluded granny-stabbers with an enormously over-inflated sense of entitlement. Shit ground, shit team, two shit cathedrals. Between murder and suicide lies Merseyside.

    Also city. Fans are mustachioed, polyester-clad banana-waving inbreeds. 35 years…

  132. S-League Player says:

    Whole heartedly agreed with DC on Post no.81: Real Madrid gets my blood boiling like no other club can.

    EVERYTHING they do and, more importantly, HOW they do it is shameless. I see a lot of posts here about hating Liverpool for living on their past glories, well, RM takes the cake on this aspect.

    At the very least, Liverpool still go about their business the proper way; RM scams just about everyone they possibly can not due to their famous history but because of their POLITICAL clout.

    Believe u me, I used to respect them a little in the days of Fernando Morientes, Redondo, Raul, etc. before the aforementioned dirty dealer that is Florentino Perez popped up, got elected as President, swindled the local government (ie. taxpayers’ money) with the training ground sale, proceeded to buy anyone he fancied (doesn’t matter if they were still contracted to their clubs) and the fans APPLAUDED and SUPPORTED him for it. At other club would u see such a travesty of justice be so wholly accepted than one that is so delusional and politically run.

    So now, with El Barcelona running away with all the trophies in sight, I’m a bit more appeased but nothing, absolutely NOTHING will ever quell my hate for Real Madrid. Even if they get relegated and stripped of all their titles through legal means, I’ll still dance on their graves.

  133. XCrob says:

    Barcelona: The anti-spanish team. They hate everything it has to be with spain, they are a political independist “army”.

    If they hate Spain….why dont they leave Spain, and begin playing te “Catalonian League”?

    Besides Barcelona, I hate Barcelona, then Barcelona, and finally…..Bilbao, Real Sociedad and Osasuna.

  134. Hassie says:

    GGOD i can’t stand Barcelona!!! they think, they play beautiful football, they play perfect football, and all other teams in the world plays dirty defensive game. just because the have so called “UNICEF” tag in their shirt they think they are bunch of saints. i don’t think any Arsenal or Chelsea fans will ever forgive them for they they have done to those clubs in ChampionsLeague stage.

  135. joejoe says:

    Man Utd. Horrible glory hunting, arrogant Essex boy fans, “we hate scousers” they shout as they all clamour to sing the praises of that fat, ugly, over-paid, over-rated granny shagger Rooney. (yes united fans, hes scouse, but you wouldnt know that as you never venture outside of London.)

  136. Anonymous says:

    to all city fans for some reason u think manchester is blue u must never go out out ur houses coz if u did u would see alot of red! coming from manchester myself i know its just a myth. and of course united have alot of support around england and the world because we have history, somthing u will never have BLUE CUNTS!!!!!!

  137. Bob says:

    Has to be Chelsea, from the 70s Bovver Boot boys to the the smug ,badge kissing,I dont ever smile Lampard,who dumped his woman and children,’low morals’John Terry and his criminal family,Ashley,Cashley I’m allowed to shag anything that moves’Cole,Drogba the playactor/diver. By the way,where did all money to pay for everything come from? Buying the Club itself and the worlds top players, massive wages. Where did all those Billions come from? Answer: A small group of Russian Politicians/Mafia carving up the oil,gas, metal industries of the failing USSR for themselves;its all well documented.

  138. Mark says:

    Man United and Chelsea, in no particular order. I think if Leeds ever get back into the Premiership, then for sure Leeds will re-emerge as the most hated team in the land. It’s in their DNA.

  139. Stef says:

    Celtic are my most hated team the great unwashed.

  140. Stef says:

    Please ignore the previous post number 143 which was left by my best friend ( a Rangers fan) who submitted it from my laptop while i wasn’t looking for a joke, i personally am a Celtic fan.The comment he left was aimed at me personally as i fail to wash regularly but hey at least i haven’t got a bedsheet as a handkerchief for a nose like his MASSIVE.No but seriously its all friendly banter we both respect each others differences.

  141. Branden says:

    Post #84 by Johnathan who says he hates Liverpool and Seattle Sounders because they have accomplished nothing!

    I am a Canadian from Vancouver so I support White Caps FC.

    Did a little research and found out that Liverpool has 65 trophies. No wonder Man Utd fans hate them so much as they have 51 trophies. It seems to me that when Ferguson retires…..they will not be as successful as before. No football club can dominate forever! Especially in a competitive league like the premier. So both Liverpool and Man U fans need to shut the hell up and just play football!

  142. Lcfc says:

    Well, cov! Forrest! Derby! Leeds! Wolves! And man u, purely because the majority of their fans (mainly teenagers) are tossers that think man u are the only club in the world that deserve to win anything, and only support the club because their dad does, and he only supports them because of their success when he was younger, what a vicious circle, but mainly just cov scum

  143. f4545 says:

    It definetly gotta be Chelski Fc. Shit club with no history, and the only reason they are enjoying the sweet taste of victory, is because their billioner mafia owner. Its a disgrace that this shitty club is participating in the EPL

  144. Anonymous says:

    Rangers are the most HATED club in Scotland they are Scum.

  145. Banjo says:

    No contest. West Ham. The most unpleasant club in football. Horrible owners, moronic and deluded fans. In addition to this they are massively over represented in the media. Their constant West Ham academy of football shit gets on my tits too. Lastly there’s their players past and present….Trevor Brooking,Tony Cottee,Phil Parkes,Ian Bishop, Trevor Morley, Rio Ferdinand,Frank Lampard etc. How is it possible to have had that many total knobends in one place ?

  146. Wolf92 says:

    West Brom.. the inbreds!

    Stoke City just pure distain for them

    Man United, because of all their midlands fans who have never seen a game. Rio Ferdinand is also a prick

  147. James Howe says:

    Real madrid -Sordid history from Spanish civil war/franco era.2 presidents killed in war by fascists,santiago bernabeau was leading fascist officer in war.Franco fixed transfer of Di stefano,real went on to win first 5 euro cups.Manchester utd obviously-Glory hunting fans,sense of entitlement.Chelsea-I went twice with Sheffield wednesday in the 80s,crowd was 13,000 each time.Big club? Liverpool-living in past, chip on shoulder,just like celtic.and above all,sheffield united,for reasons too many to list!

  148. Anonymous says:

    I hate Rangers, they are nothing but filthy cheating scum.

  149. Anonymous says:

    I hate cockney teams scausers an Sunderland they are fascists / Man U / Scottish football is shite Haway de toon

  150. Craig says:

    Portsmouth, buy the fa cup will ya?

  151. Anonymous says:

    Hate Man Utd and Celtic, love Liverpool and Rangers

  152. John says:

    ate Man Utd and Celtic, love Liverpool and Rangers.

  153. Wayne Rooney says:

    Only one correct answer: FUCK MANCHESTER SHITTY. I hate aguero yaya toure negredo if i see them i would beat them down on the ground fuckin oil mafia bastards

  154. Alan Tizzardes says:

    Wankchester city chelski arse Liverpool you will always walk alone and who the Fuck are Leeds ? United red forever give it up for city the always to be runners up in Manchester

  155. Anonymous says:

    sunderland!! they have the worst kit, worst town, I just despise the cunts. Mind you, most everyyone I speak to hates them and I live in the west midlands

  156. Cmon MIllwall says:

    West Ham United. SCUM of the earth. Up the Lions – MILLWALL

  157. Anonymous says:

    It has to be avatars rovers ….shot team with fans to match, total rewards ….proper shallow gene pool!! 7 years regards

  158. Tom says:

    ManUTD, ManCity, Liverpool and as a WEST HAM fan hate Chelsea and the worst of all Milwall

  159. Tom says:

    As a West Ham fan: Chelsea and worst of all MillWall

  160. Euan says:

    As a Plymouth and Man Utd fan, Exeter city and Liverpool are both the banes of my life!

  161. John says:

    I don’t hate but man united I hate because of fans and players (van persie sounds like a sailors name ?)

  162. Matt says:

    I’m a saints fan, so I fucking hate portsmouth. I’ve been there to see a game and it’s a shit hole. The fans are a load of shit and have a stupid fucking bell to ring all game. I also fucking hate spurs, it’s our song you cunts fuck off

  163. Sout London says:

    As a Crystal Palace fan I cannot stand Brighton. .F***** scum them seaweed bastards!! Milwall I detest!! I hate their team, I detest their fans, their mascot, their opening theme song, and that sh*ithole called Bermondsey!! AHH They think there the pride of South London too! NOT!!! And for that muppet who states that Crystal Palace is Croydon, HMMMM last time I remember we play In SE25!!!! What does SE postcode stand for?? Croydon postcode is CRO!!! And Crystal Palace (the area is SE19 part of it believe or not it is part of your own bloody borough, Southawk, as Crystal Palace is part of Bromley, Croydon Lambeth and Lewisham too) Hmmm what postcode is the area of Millwall in???? F*ck of back to East London Bloody gypies!! Charlton I just laugh at, they have this assumption that we should consider them our biggest rivals! hahahahaha. QPR I completely hate! Sorry but they think there the next chelsk with the ridiculous money they spend on playersi!! Brings me to the next team CHESKI! Oh my i don’t know where to begin! Celtic too I cannot stand! Your the England of Club football! Yes you are the first “British”” side to win the European Cup, we don’t need reminding! The arrogance to that they proclaim to be the “”BEST fans in the world”” Is PATHETIC!!!!! Can’t be considered the best fans in the world when Celtic park during league matches is like being at a funeral and having to do a minutes silence You don’t even sell out your stadium!.. You only sing when you play Rangers and during the Champions League!

  164. SW says:

    In no particular order:

    Glasgow Rangers – for that w*nker Phillip? Green (ex Chairman or whatever he was) thinking Rangers meant something to world football.

    Tiny Totts (Spurs) – for their thinking they are some massive player in world football and their deluded ideas of grandeur.

    MK Dons – No need to say much more other than Franchise FC.

    Man Utd – For the kazillions of plastics who cannot apprehend being outside of the top four. Oh yes, and for all the Foreign fans they have that think they are the best thing since sliced bread.

    Liverpool – Brendan Rodgers, Stevie G, Lovren, and any other w*nker associated with them.

  165. Joel says:

    Spurs, Man Utd, Chelsea, Stoke, Man City and also Barcelona
    Reasons for this
    I’m an Arsenal fan so I need to hate Spurs. I hate their players and the way they play and have some delusional fans.
    Man Utd have been a rival since the early 90’s. Ended our unbeaten run by cheating, gloryhunter fans and RVP.
    Chelsea for their owner, their players, their manager and their money.
    Stoke because of their playing style. Shawcross on Ramsey was awful.
    Barcelona because of the 2006 Champions league final and the way they took Fabregas away from us.
    I respect Liverpool as a club but their fans are so deluded.

  166. Davy C says:

    Deffo hate Leeds most being a Wednesday fan,also Tottenham (arrogant,snobby yids),Millwall,Huddersfield (spiteful,backstabbing punks) also dislike Bolton and Wigan (two clubs who think they have big history and deserve to be in premiership just because there from the northwest),pigs (aka Sheff Utd of course),Oldham (scummy fans like Huddersfield).

    On the foreign scene hate Real Madrid,Roma,Inter Milan,Aik Solna,Rangers and Celtic (will these two clubs ever move into the 21st century from the 16th century,stil banging on about religion and sectarianism)

  167. Alan says:

    I support hearts so I hate hibs, but I must say that I hate the old fim much more. I hate Celtic for singing IRA songs and the poppy protests. I hate Rangers as they are the shame off scotland. Trashing frogien cites and The sectarian signing rule

  168. Smithy says:

    Sheffield Wednesday – Grunting fat piggy cunts, fucking hate em, UTB FTO, there’s only one team in Sheffield

    • Adam the Owl says:

      You’re clearly delusional you scummy fat pig. There’s only one team in Yorkshire We’re the famous Sheffield Wednesday! Mind the gap mate UTO

  169. Matt says:

    The club that used to be rangers until they were liquidated. Supporters being vile, horid, racist, fascist, fat, ugly NEDS. Club being bigoted, cheating, masonic none tax payers. Also hate; Chelsea – Racist fans. Lazio – Fascists. Millwall – Racist & Fascists. Hearts – Sectarian. Sheff Wed – Racists & thinking they are something that they are not.

  170. Anonymous says:

    The tax dodgers rangers and there anti Catholic signing policy.watching them struggling against part timers is a laugh.the zombies are dead!

  171. Sean says:

    Celtic, those cunts. Hate their fans, their club and their players. Thinking their so much better than us. I support Aberdeen FC.

  172. Adam says:

    As a Gooner it’s in my blood to hate the scum from down the lane. But as another Gunners fan here pointed out, they are a joke of club with a small mentality who’s fans have huge delusions. They buy other clubs off casts like Soldildo and Adebayor and aspire to champions league dreams that turn into Europa nightmares then blame it on dogdy lasagne. White Hart lane is the faulty towers of the EPL.

    But, my seething hate is saved for the hive of scum and villainy that breeds at Stamford bridge. No history, no morals, no ethics. Scum, all of them! Everyone involved! Bunch of rats that should be drowned in a bucket of stale piss! Plastic fans who couldn’t tell you shit about the club before it changed its name to Chelski. Man City are quickly earning my hatred for similar reasons. Buying trophies, cheating and frauding, chucking cash about to unsettle players, buying 50 million bench warmers. You haven’t won any trophies you scum, you BOUGHT them! Plastic fans need to learn the difference.

    I hate Stoke too, they play rugby, not football. Inbred fucking yokels who I cannot wait to see relegated into insignificance.

    Bayern Munich win my Europe scum vote. Fucking diving cheats! Arjen Robben is the nastiest, grubbiest little c**t in world football.

  173. Snoge says:

    I’m an Arsenal fan and these are the teams I hate (in order)

    I’m not mad on West Ham either.

  174. fuck the blues says:

    Linfield scum bag bastards utg

  175. Callum says:

    I hate the fucking scouser lot and Sunderland too I am a Geordie so u scousers and Mackems can go and fuck off u bastards

  176. Arsene says:

    Arsenal fan here who should hate tottenham but I actually pity them. Forever in our shadow. Joke club. I hate bully boy thugs Stoke FC (shawcross =CUNT) although their football has improved of late. And I fucking hate Chel$ea. SHIT CLUB NO HISTORY. Their fans are moronic meatheads.

  177. Chris EFC says:

    I hate United with a passion scummy manc club who’s fans are all cockney gobshites and Essex boys City and PSG no history just rich on Arab oil money with shite fans PSG are the worst of the 2 Chelski plastic club who’s history began when an oligarch brought them there a rich club not a big one I also hate both Barca and Madrid smug arrogant bastards who play in a shite league I hate Newcastle tho can’t explain why maybe cuz me misses is a Geordie but also because there not a big club just have a big ground both Celtic and Rangers religion and football should always be completley seperate Stoke because they play anti football Palace because there just awful and obviously Liverpool but I can never truly hate them like I do the mancs but there fans are all deluded gobshites from anywhere but Liverpool and they live in the past

  178. mastin says:

    easily, as most decent folks would say, liverpool is the club that epitomises everything thats wrong with football and football fans, their self pity is vomiting.

    Secondly I will savour newcastle getting relegated as I do with a fine wine or a beautiful woman, the fat, topless deluded fucks

    Finally the bitter blues of manchester city I hate in a way, but mostly I laught at them and their fans

  179. Albion TID says:

    Fucking Crystal “SCUM” Palarse with their plastic fans Premier League little hoodies all about 15 years old, dressed in black with their pathetic little hoodies up, lead around by grown men “paedos” in Black too. Very very weird and disturbing.
    Palarse = Human Rubbish

  180. 1883 says:

    Hate/dislike so many but main ones:
    Liverpool-living in the past still think one of biggest clubs in Europe? Hate club and fans who all think they’re comedians and bang on constantly still about the Beatles.
    Manc City-cheque book out glory hunters have moved in as old school fed up and don’t bother anymore.
    Chelski- Were hated and twats long before Romans mega millions, just more so now. Just listen to how they sing the word ‘Chelsea’…tards.
    The toon-think they have a right to be classed as elite….won nothing done nothing for decades. Too big for Championship – yeah right feck off, if you’re shit like they are then you deserve it!
    Scottish football- All of its shit. Old firm the worst….Built on sectarian bullshit, that to us south of the wall is fecking nonsense!
    MK Dons (Franchise Utd) still disgusted at how the FA (Fraudulent Aristocrats) could allow this???
    Roma-Ultras? Don’t make me laugh…Ultra cowardly bellends more like. Attack a pub full of woman and children and that makes you hard!!

  181. Anonymous says:

    City scum who think they own Manchester! If they’re out owning it then it explains why they’re never attending matches!😂

  182. Glenn says:

    I don’t hate any club. But I always preferred Billy the Fish to Roy of the Rovers. He just seems cooler and more down to earth.

    But seriously, I don’t tend to like the pointlessly abusive fans of teams like West Ham and Tottenham and exponents of “banter” in general. Football should be more Zen and karmic. I’m a Leicester supporter, we’re all Buddhists and into a more spiritual contemplative tantric form of football.

  183. PetrovskyKSC says:

    I’ve said it thousand times and will keep on doing so forever – FUCK VFB Stuttgart!
    Fuck the Linfield/Rangers/Chelsea and all the other racist clubs that should not be allowed to dress in blue.
    Fuck Barcelona and their self-centered opinion on their spanish mother country.
    Fuck all the tottenham fans for being deluded and arrogant bastards.
    Eintracht Frankfurt badly need to go fuck themselves and then straight into administration. I never want to see them again. Pure thugs

  184. agrg says:

    Trust this to be posted by someone called ollie IRISH…

  185. Fcukyou says:

    I have 2 say as club i generally hate is liverpool and real madrid but i hate man city and spurs because of there load mouth asshole fans that think there team is better than every other team?

  186. GC_BCFC says:

    As a Birmingham City and Celtic fan, I hate Rangers and Villa, both a bunch of that’s

  187. GC_BCFC says:

    As a Birmingham City and Celtic fan, I hate Villa and Rangers, both a bunch of bellends

  188. Daza says:

    Pne fan hate in order blackpool Blackburn Burnley Bolton Wigan plus all London clubs

  189. Alex says:

    No Vardy No Party

  190. Dev says:

    I hate tottenham because of their filthy playing style and man city because they try to act like they own manchester bloody bastards. also liverpool and nycfc

  191. JibberJab says:

    Erm… football? What’s that all about then? A bunch of grown men chasing a bag of air around? We’re better than you!!! We are the best!!! Com-pet-it-ive team sports… Yeeeeeeeaahh!!!!!

  192. John boy says:

    Reading fc. Complete bunch of plastic wankers

  193. Alfie Rochdale says:

    Arsenal Football Club Because They Are Racist Homophobic Cunts

  194. Jess says:

    PSG… such a dull club that exists purely from its Arab money…
    And Plymouth Argyle, because they’re the local rivals!

  195. South Londoner says:

    As a Palace fan. I really hate Millwall for their raciest scummish supporters who think they proper old school geezers. I hate Brighton for their deluded sense of entitlement. I hate Chelsea as i live in Battersea and their everywhere scummish wankers.

    I really couldn’t give a shit a charlton however. The most pointless club with with no rivals and they kentish irriatant fan base.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shut up ya stripey nigel you’re boring!! I can tell your “Mummy & Daddy” are somewhere down in Surrey

  196. Michael says:

    I hate Liverpool F.C , because they traditionally drew support from the Protestant Unionist community. Also the way their friends in the media grovel to them all the time. And in the 80’s Hansen and Lawrenson were the kings of the back pass. In fairness, I did admire Bill Shankley and Steve Heighway.

  197. Anonymous says:

    Rangers bunch of ugly cunts and Birmingham city – what a shower of illiterate twats with no class or honours. Wankers!

  198. Roman the Catholic says:

    Rangers bunch of ugly cunts and Birmingham city – what a shower of illiterate twats with no class or honours. Wankers!

  199. Scooter says:

    From what I’ve seen and heard theres only one for me man city club/fans remind me of liverpool. The way they play the victims saying everyone’s against them and that how there a beacon of light and do know wrong is pathetic there deluded obsessed with man utd,filthy inbred small time scum they will never be an elite club the sooner they all disappear back under there rocks the better. Centurions haha more like Pep’s bitches.had a smile watching them weeping when they lost to man utd 😁

  200. Sayeed says:

    I hate man united, man city, chelsea, spurs, real Madrid, psg

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