Appalled By The Tigers, You’ve Been Appalled By The Tigers: Hull City Relegated From The Premier League

Chris Wright

24th, May 2015


By Chris Wright

It’s feels like it’s been edging closer for a few years now, but Hull City have been relegated from the Premier League on the final afternoon of the season thanks to Newcastle’s 2-0 victory over West Ham – thus bringing to an end their two-term sojourn in the top flight.

Christ, it feels like longer than two years doesn’t it?

This afternoon 0-0 draw with Manchester United ended with everybody looking suitably sad and blubbery (no Steve Bruce jokes please), with most of the Tigers players’ thoughts probably turning to seeking out new clubs gullible enough to pay the money to bring them in…

And so ends a fairly naff old season. Indeed, as we put it earlier…

Anyway, it’s a firm ‘good riddance’ to Hull, if only for polluting the top flight with this nonsense for the past couple of years…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    At least have the common decency to fact check if you’re going to hate on a team like this. Sadly Hull were only in the Premier League for 2 years this time, not the 3 you claim!

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